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  1. Thanks Andreas, that is what I figured. Oh well will not use voice for now. Waiting until April or May of next year to get a brand new computer
  2. Trying to figure all of this out now Downloaded Audio For Vatsim I tried to execute the program and get error: Not a validwin32 application I believe need to download something else first or am I just SOL?
  3. Where can I download squawkBox 4 Still on windows xp, hope it works there
  4. Ok, well will off Vatsim until next year then. Thanks for the help though
  5. Looked at swift doesn't say anything about running on windows xp. Am I screwed now So still using FS9 on windows xp pro.
  6. Everything works, thanks for all the help. In the new will be upgrading my computer to windows 10 and and PP3D simor the new flight Simulator I guess S B is ancient now. Which one should be used
  7. Ok seemd to have run, let me see if it picks it up in GS9 and SQB3 when I run it
  8. I copied snippet to my computer and tried to run it get this error Cannot import F:SquakBox-SB3.reg. The specified file is not a registry script. You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor No idea what to do now. SQB3 goes to the registery to obtain the info I guess?
  9. Had a post regarding SB3 IP addresses. Had 4 responses, now I cannot find it anymore Anyway to show what you post?
  10. That worked typed it in the window. Would you now where to get a list of all the current servers now and how to get it in the drop down in SB3 I was looking at this: http://faq.apollo3.com/ljames/fsinn/vatsim/data/testservers.pl
  11. I put in an IP found in list here, then it says timed out I ping it and it responds
  12. Well still on windows XP , FS9 and SQB3 I cannot connect with any servers in the dropdown list. Found some servers IP addresses here . How do I update my SB3 to add these servers?
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