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  1. IVAO has some very good addons in this regard. I use JustFlights Traffic X, as that is quite a good addon in regards to model wise (not the best looking planes, but they are in correct liveries and type.... ) I cant comment on the technical side, as I don't know much about that.
  2. I floated the idea of launching a simulated Boeing a few years back, but due to family and health issues, I just couldn't commit to it. Now I have some spare time I was thinking about it again, but I really dont have that much experience with painting aircraft. I can lend a hand with the operational side of things if others are interested in starting something like this.
  3. Or another option is to open a VA the simulates the real world airline, but doesnt portray its logos or name anywhere, a good example would be Simulated B6, (JetBlue) or SimCOA etc...
  4. As Ernesto says, I forget to change my rating from Observer to Controller all the time....and I have the same problem, so make sure you have selected Student1 from the drop down menu and Delivery/Ground in the Facility menu. I'll see you around LGA then!
  5. Or another alternative is to manually increase power to the desired N1. But Trent is correct, once it has reached the desired N1, it will default to the throttle position.
  6. Alienware High End gaming dektop -> Would have cost me AUD$4,039.58 Purchased off the shelf, different brand but extremely similiar in specs, if not slightly better -> AUD$1,999. I find going into a computer technician and actually talking to them helped. The salesman knocked $600 off the retail and threw in a free 1TB external HDD to transfer. Needless to say, I wont be looking at buying an Alienware anytime soon.
  7. Agreed add another Stick of RAM, you will find that 2GB of RAM gets chewed up very quickly. Especially if you are using Win7 or Vista. Other than that, thats a not a bad rig to go flyin on.
  8. Try running your FS9 in compatiability mode with Windows XP. (Right click on FS9 desktop icon and go to Properties -> Compatabilities -> And click on "Run this program in Compatability mode" then select Windows XP Service Pack 3.) I found that solved a lot of my FS9 on Win7 64x problems.
  9. Anchorage ARTCC will consider the use of such software. I'm sure we will implement it shortly.
  10. I hope so too Josiah. Everything is sort of starting to fall into place.
  11. To throw a spanner in the works, check this out. viewtopic.php?f=25&t=49994 Cheers!
  12. Hi Mike, I live in Toowoomba aswell, and Im currently taking up my CPL course through the DDAC. Their courses are great and I highly recommend them if you are even remotly interested in flying a plane. The Trial FLights start at $97 for 45 minutes, which is great! Now your FS issue, the way I see it, if you can see whats way ahead of you clearly, just look out the window. If cant see a damn thing, then use your DME or VOR equipment. DME is particulary helpful in the case of trying to find a VOR, and Oakey VOR (OK) definetly has DME equipment available (because it is a Cl[Mod - Happy Though
  13. Charan, I have only used the Maddog once with it however there is no profile available for it. (Which means the user has to go in and manually create one, which could take 15 minutes to 6 months.) Other than that It is a fantastic product, I dont have the full screen one, although I wish I did it would be so much cooler. Cheers!
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