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  1. Thanks Lennart. Running Squawkbox outside of FS did bring up an error when it crashed. It was the imon.dll file that is used by NOD32, my anti-virus. I remember having to do something with NOD32 last time I was on a clean HDD install but it was years ago now. I've added all the FSInn files to the IMON (internet monitor) exception list and all seems to be working now fingers crossed. I'm flying in the VATEUD event tonight hopefully so i'll know for sure then! Thanks, Mark.
  2. Nope it's a clean FS reinstall. I've tried just FS and Squawkbox...FS crashes after connecting. I've tried just FS and FSInn...FS crashes after connecting.
  3. Just done a reinstall of FS and it's now only got FSCopilot/FSInn on it but still the crash. Also tried with just squawkbox installed and windows firewall/AV turned off...same problem. Mark.
  4. Hi Larry, I've used FSInn for the best part of 2 years so it's not the installation thats the problem The fact that the same thing happens when both clients connect to the multiplayer is the strange thing. Mark. [edit: FSInn was installed on a formatted drive so theres no conflict of versions and i'm using FSInn 1.3/Copilot 1.7. Sorry just realised from my original post that it looks like i've never connected before. I've just been on a break from online flying due to exams]
  5. Hi all, I formatted the harddrive on this computer almost a month ago now (installed XP Pro, previously had XP home) and haven't really tried to fly online since due to exams. At times when I have tried to connect including today, FS crashes to desktop without warning/error about 30-60 seconds after squawkbox/fsinn has connected to the multiplayer session. I am however able to connect manually using an IP address without problem. I've also done a couple of flights offline with no issues. Everytime it crashes it's logged as the following in the microsoft event viewer Any
  6. I think the most likely reason for a different unicom frequency in Brazil is because 122.800 is used as a control position. I'm sure this happens somewhere else, South Africa is it?
  7. My laptop has the Intel 965 Express Chipset but the option to adjust hardware acceleration is not available. I've tried a few drivers but no luck. Anyone managed to solve this? Thanks, Mark.
  8. Yeah i've got the same communities, friends etc but no stars next to my name. Ah well, you've confirmed I have enough to meet the criteria Mark.
  9. I've got a bad feeling that I have cleared my data as I currently have no stars - i reinstalled Vroute to try and find the 'profile page', turns out I didn't need to though! My offer of becoming a moderator still stands though Michal. Thanks, Mark.
  10. Aha! Now I see them. Thanks Mark.
  11. Michal or anyone that knows, Are we talking about within the vroute application here for the stars? I can't find profile within it...only thing I though it might be under was configuration but theres nothing there. Mark.
  12. Thanks Michal. In that case, count me in! Where are these stars though?? I have to find them or they'll drive my insane Mark.
  13. Wow I didn't realise you were doing it all on your own Michal! I'm keen to get involved but I can't find these 'stars' that you are talking about It's probably starting me in the face! Thanks, Mark
  14. (once again, if i'm not too late: ) i would be happy to partake. Just 3 years
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