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  1. On the first point, it was decided to keep non-event at FL290 to stay out of the way of event traffic, This way there were no issues with crossing event routes and would be no conflicts, it had nothing to do with the level of traffic on your non-event route. Doubling the slots is not possible, not without almost doubling the length of the event. The work is not done when you are in the air, ATC tracks all the aircraft, watches for conflicts and resolves any issues. Could traffic be increased a little in the current time frame, yeah, maybe, but nowhere close to doubling it.
  2. Speaking as ATC from CYYZ, this was by far the smoothest CTP I think we've ever had. The VATCAN plugin to identify event aircraft was a game changer for us. I don't think we had any delays for event traffic and got everyone out that we could in an orderly way so as not to slam our friends to the east. My only suggestion is around departure times, I did notice a fair number of planes departing about 10 minutes or so later than their scheduled time and I don't think it was due to any control issues but maybe a little ambiguity in the "Departure Time". I feel like some pilots may take that as
  3. No i did not get any interest at the time. The idea kinda died.
  4. And if that doesn't work (it should), and your yoke has programming software, then program the button on your yoke to whatever you want to use on the keyboard as your PTT, and set that key in your client.
  5. How exactly would you like VATSIM to help affected members? This is not a one size fits all problem, they can't just go "or just do this and this and all is fixed". This is a user end problem and up to each individual user to put some effort into find a solution that works for them. VATSIM can't upgrade the users hardware or tweak their settings for them. If they choose not to, to be able to maintain at least 20 fps, then there are consequences for that. Otherwise it ruins the experience for everyone else. As a controller on VATSIM i've seen Cessna's going faster across my scope tha
  6. This is important to note i think. At CYYZ all our SIDs are hybrid SIDs. You are expected to fly a slightly diverging heading (Or runway heading is fine too) until instructed to turn, it's published on the departure charts. I've seen far more pilots than i can count that turn immediately after takeoff then blame their autopilot/fmc. The autopilot and FMC are only doing what they are told to. You deleted the "(vectors)" part in your FMC, either because you didn't know what it was for or didn't care/ didn't bother to look it up. Find the charts and read them. They are easily accessible
  7. This always makes me laugh as a controller. Buddy, if your little 319 can make it up to FL4000, you better contact NASA.
  8. YES! This! It sometimes seems to make a noise. At least the once or twice i've noticed it, doesn't really jump out to me, but that is only if it's running in the background. If i shrink it so it stays on top, no noise is made. It really needs a sound, and something that will make you take notice. The AFV client sometimes frequently disconnects on me. I don't seem to get booted from the network, just the voice disconnects, the client freezes and i have to try restarting it a few times before it will reconnect.
  9. Robbie, I've talked to you in CZYZ a few times. Feel free to come fly here any time. Nobody will make fun of you in our FIR. We all know you and know the quality of pilot you are.
  10. So lately this has been happening fairly frequently. While controlling (EuroScope 3.2 & AFV V1.6.32) The AFV standalone client will disconnect on it's own, then freeze when i try to reconnect. I have to end the task, and restart it. Most of the time it will continue to freeze when i try to connect and i have to end the task again, and try again. Usually after about 3 or 4 attempts, it will finally connect and i have voice again.
  11. Agreed Vincent, i think while the voice unicom is great for planes on final and on the ground. I think 30nm as opposed to 15 would be much better for communicating with others coming in as opposed to using text.
  12. Does it even do anything at all when it disconnects? I'd love a sound or something, or even the option to keep it on top. I often run two Euroscope screens on two monitors so my AFV standalone gets pushed to the background. When it disconnects i don't notice it until i start calling pilots and get no response, it's the first thing i check. If it were able to stay on top or had a sound when disconnecting, that would be much better.
  13. Got it. Thought that might be the case. Thanks Gary!
  14. Unable to get voice ATIS working. I have turned off the "Start multiple record playback" Still getting nothing on the ATIS. The frequency is checked in my frequency list. ATIS is showing as TEXT ONLY.
  15. This is amazing! So happy this is finally here!! Major props to the AFV team for all the work they have put in to making this become a reality. Well Done Team!!
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