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  1. There is a VA forum for this... Why spam other forums?
  2. Hey everyone: As of last night, www.vatcar.org is online again, and the Training Department and Membership Database are back online. Thank you all for your patience! Best regards,
  3. Camilo: Basically, we're in the process of getting the training and member databases back online. Once everything is up and stable, we'll go public again with the website. I'll post a topic here when everything is back up. Best regards,
  4. Gentlemen: This is the way we instruct our staff to conduct themselves as per SOP. They should stick to communications in English unless the pilot requests otherwise. If you are noticing violations to this policy in VATCAR. please let us know over e-mail with specifics and we'll get to work on it. Apologies for the inconvenience. Best regards,
  5. Aggrey: Contact me on [Mod - Happy Thoughts]tchief(at)sjucerap(dot)org with the details, we'll do our best to accomodate you.
  6. Ahh, I see. Why is that? Do you worry that if you get the information via someone, that that person will censor some of the information? might be... You ought to be joking. LOL Why would VATSIM censor your record? This is just hilarious. It's a HOBBY, nobody's out to get you! Unless you do something pretty colorful, I don't think you'll get any remarks on your record in the first place. Other than paranoia, any other reason why you feel it's so essential that you have access to the records?
  7. That did it. Thank you very much! Now, one more... I tried creating traffic on the fly for a student after he had finished the situation files I loaded, and it only allowed me to enter one additional individual aircraft. To load more, I have to create a situation file. Any way that I can add, for example, AAL1151 now, then UAL1515 separately on a different location a few minutes later? DP.
  8. Hi: I've been trying to create a departure file for SJU, and I am having a problem. Right now I have 2 aircraft: EGF5049 and MPH76. Both are formatted the same way (see below), I can't spot what's wrong here... MPH76 won't show up, I get a server error saying "Invalid callsign"... But I tried changing it to EGF5050 and I get the same error, so not sure what to think. EGF5049 shows up just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Daniel P.
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