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  1. Tracon's do close down.... Not for the reason you suggested though. There are good arguments for this FSS type system, and good reasons against. The reasons against HIGHLY outweigh the reasons for having it.
  2. Im sorry I just don't agree at all about VATBOOK helping. I know what I know from what I see and have been told by other pilots. Pilots are more interested in flying to a certain airport. I'm the same way. If I want to fly CDG-FRA I will, regardless of ATC. I understand what you are saying about VATBOOK, but for VATUSA it won't work plane and simple. I live in Kaiserslautern. I have looked at coming to one of them, but I haven't seen any posts lately. If one was at FRA I would gladly come.
  3. This is simply not true! You are taking the wrong conclusions out of this picture and from your experience. The problem that I personally have with ATC in the USA is, that it simply is not predictable! You see a few stations online and start planning your flight. After about 10 minutes you are ready (route taken from simroutes, required fuel calculated, route imported into Active Sky for correct enroute winds, flightplan filed...) and connect to VATSIM. Unfortunately one or the other ATCOs that had been online just a few minutes ago, simply disconnected, destroying the experience! Pilots want
  4. The number is higher than you think...quite a bit higher than you think. I'm just not seeing it.... There are no pilots at night to speak of and this is a Saturday/ into Sunday. This also shows the perfect example of pilots fly what route they want and not where ATC is. Enroute ATC is not that high of Vatsim pilot's priority list. If it was, you would see both of those center sectors full of pilots maximizing their ATC experience at this extreme time of the night/morning.
  5. Come again? wow didn't think I was going to have to explain this joke... Super Centers.... Walmart... aisle.. ZJX was just a random ARTCC.. put it all together.. ARTCC's are part of an aisle. EX ZMA,ZJX,ZTL are aisle XXX. ZME,ZFW,ZHU are on aisle XXX
  6. I hope your kidding, because that's even more dumb than the super centers. Even if it was like Eurocontrol. Nobody wants this. If this happens, you will see even more active members leave. Probably the reason they want to do this anyway. Less active members=Less coverage. Whats the best way to increase coverage. Oh lets make Super Centers! Feel like Im talking about WalMart. Anyone know what aisle ZJX is on?
  7. This is the worst Idea I have have seen VATSIM come up. Coverage vs Quality. There is a reason why many pilots only fly in certain ARTCC. Training standards need to become more standardize before something like this is even thought about.
  8. Why I am even posting this is beyond me. (This is to all Vatsim pilots) The simple point to this thread is people have lives outside of Vatsim. There is a reason why an event says 0000Z-0400Z to let pilots know when the event starts and ends. Plan your flight accordingly and don't come on these forums and bash that ARTCC/FIR because you the pilot did not plan accordingly. There doesn't have to be bench warming ATC ready to jump on after the event ends. That's not what it is about. Its not about pleasing the pilots. ATC gets on because they are pleasing themselves in something they enjoy. If a
  9. So you have a better way to get aircraft to call you then? All he pointed out is that .find is not a form of radar identification. Yes it can help, but still OP is correct is in request. Its the same practice as if a pilot departs VFR out of a non towered airfield and decides to call up Enroute for FF or Pop up IFR. Who you are, where you are, "how high"(haha), and what do you want. If you want to make practice where all pilots monitor guard frq on comm2 then sure a controller can make his call over that for pilots to change frq. Bottom line is, you simulate what you can. Some things are out o
  10. Seems like every other week now there is no FNO scheduled
  11. I thought the proper phaseology was "Washington Center, Cessna 12345 requesting descent.". I thought "requests lower" was slang, kinda like if a controller tells me to climb and maintain fl200 i reply "up to FL200" There is no such thing as "proper pilot phraseology" as ATC has. The AIM specifies nothing as on how you have to say something. All the pilot has to do is get his message across on what he wants to do. Request decent would fine and if somebody tells you otherwise they are over analyzing it.
  12. edit. Took the card out. Blew it off and re-seated it. No issues. Will see how long it lasts.
  13. Just started today. Tried to restart VRC, lines just came right back.
  14. Aldion Welcome to Vatsim. check out the PRC at http://www.vatsim.net/pilots/ Has all the information you could ever want about being a pilot on the Vatsim network.
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