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  1. Its not really about whether you were in the way or holding up gates. If you were observing to learn ATC procedures thats ok under A9, but you have labelled this post as a sporting exercise, so you were essentially inactive on the network, you were neither flying or ATCing, and that's what A9 is all about, you were not actively participating in the network. A9 - Except as provided for in Section B3(b) of this Code of Conduct, members shall not leave their connections unattended. Members not actively participating in the network (ie connected as an observer) shall not log on for excessive periods of time.
  2. Might want to check A9 of the code of conduct, you are not actively participating on the network. I have in the past had Supervisors contact me post flight advising that I had been sat idle on the ground too long and needed to disconnect, so I am unsure how some one can get away with spotting on the network.
  3. The VATSIM ATIS should not disappear because it comes through a program external to your sim. That is P3D has no control over any of the pilot client audio functions. Set the volume slider to the lowest setting on the P3D voice before turning it off.
  4. Vatsim is only concerned with your type of flight rules, IFR/VFR etc. It weather its Schedueled, unscheduled or charter.
  5. https://github.com/vatsimnetwork/vatspy-data-project Official vatspy data updates.. Vatspy identifies a position up to the first Underscore which is why in Australia we make our enroute sectors as ML-WOL_CTR, if we did them the same way you guys ML_WOL_CTR vatspy would only recognise the ML_. That is the solution to resolving the problem.
  6. Try this website, this has been my go to website since COVID rendered looking up flights on FR and FA unless. Has historical data back a few years, flight numbers, call signs, and gates if available. https://www.flightera.net/en/
  7. Short memory Mats? You/VATSIM pretty quick to stomp on this fly in citing A17.
  8. Somewhat moved from the original topic....
  9. From what I understand he wants to replicate this bit, mostly because in his post he did not specify what NOTAM he was attempting to replicate.... In the real world they would use markings on the ground to indicate a displaced threshold like so. So the question is, how do you replicate that in the SIM and get pilots to land on the remaining 2435m with no way for them to judge the distance in their SIM, and no way to indicate the displaced threshold. For departures you can ask a pilot to take off from the intersection prior to the displacement, but what is the point of trying to simulate it when you can't offer it to both arriving and departing planes?
  10. This would be the policy they are referring too, https://www.vatsim.net/documents/global-controlleratis-information-policy#:~:text=Beyond the one line of,than 76 characters in length.
  11. Being cleared a visual approach does not mean you cant use Instruments.
  12. Air Services Australia phraseology guide.
  13. You can also put no SID/STAR in your remarks.
  14. https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/resources
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