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  1. Calling me miserable, and telling me I shouldn't be here, that's pretty damn outright offensive. Its a shame that you have to resort to such accusations, rather than maintaining a civil on topic discussion. If you think that anything I have written goes against VATSIMS community standards, you can report the post to the admins for them to review it.
  2. I'm sorry I did not realise that was a requirement. My response was not directed at you, this is evident by the lack of your name being mentioned in my post or any quotes from your posts. If I had something to say about your subjective opinion I would direct my responses to you.
  3. I didnt acually, because I have your posts hidden, I have no intrest in what you have to say. But since you quoted me, here are some cold hard facts. Theses rules and regulations are against GRP 2 By introducing remidial training at the local level, and minimum time requiremnts, you were in fact restricting who can provide ATC services. Under GRP 2, your local divsion or sub division, cannot introduce rules and or policys that would bump people off positions for which they hold a rating or qualificaiton for, that is a fact. Going foward, GCAP now allows this to happen.
  4. It was "old grandpa's" that started this network, it is "old grandpa's" that fund this network, it wasn't " old grandpa's" that used the "as real as it gets" motto it was Microsoft. It's the "old grandpa's" that keep this network running and free for you, an invited guest, to use. So instead of offending them, maybe you should be thanfull that they have built this network and allow you to use it, and that you'll be able to use it when you become an "old grandpa"
  5. 100% Gregs point has been missed here. This is the first global policy that has allowed divisions and sub divisions to introduce remedial training, introduce a minimum hours, and remove some one from a position if there is excessive feedback about their controlling abilities. These processes did not exist in GRP 2, GRP 1 or, for those of us that have been here long enough, which isn't many of you, pre GRP. You say that VATSIM is not interested in maintaining a quality of control, the new policy suggests otherwise. Vatsim historically did not go to public consultation for G
  6. Sim Brief has nothing to do with your stats, and you enter your own callsign into simbrief. Stats are based on your ID only
  7. Where are you looking? What stats website soecifficly.
  8. This is an americianism, I am not aware of anywhere else that confirms rnav to fix with take off clearance. This is probabbly because rnav from the end of the runway is newish, where previouslly it was vectors to the first fix. I am not sure of the purpose of the phraseology, some one can probabbly confirm, however, would would expect that you have already accecpted and confirmed you will fly an Rnav SID when you readback your Airways clearance.
  9. Matt BartelsVP: Marketing & Communication Because its his job role?
  10. As I said to the last guy that said they would hop on SY_APP, your vatsim credentials would not show you as a ZNY controller, pretty sure there isnt a need to repeat the same thing again. VACCS keeping rosters may have been a thing for a long time, but is a thing that VACCs do at their own accord, otherwise all divisions and sub divisions would maintain a website roster, which is not the case, that's a fact, not an opinion.
  11. Regardless there is still a database that holds all our info home division, ratings, and reports that SUPS, Admins, division directors and training staff access to affect changes. Still waiting to see where it is required to list active controllers on a VACC data base (endorsements and visitors excluded)
  12. The only people at VATPAC that have access to CERT is the division director and the training director. (Local supervisors excluded) so all of two staff members....
  13. Where is the requirement to maintain a roster? there isnt one, everything is on cert, your rating and division. The only requirement is for VACCS to list visitors and endorsements. Probabbly easier to have some one removed in VATUSA because of their fictional VACC that they move people to when they become inactive. Does your CERT show you as a VATPAC controller? A sup will check CERT, if you are listed as being a VATPAC controller with a S3 rating then they can't remove you, even if VATPAC had activity requirements, and you had not met them, as a division we know that acti
  14. There is a general theme throughout this thread and that is some people agree that some controllers come back and are motivated to update themselves with local procedures and policies before they log back in and provide a top quality ATC. There are also some that aren't that motivated and just log back in and potentially operate porley. With the current activity requirements, its assumed that everyone returning is in the latter situation, aka guilty untill proven innocent, and thats not fair, and not how we as a society operate. The current situation means thay any one who doesn
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