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  1. TMI is just the Day of the year Today is day 109 of the year, the TMI for today is 109.
  2. Usually cause VATSPY was not shut down properly Navigate to C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Roaming\VAT-Spy and delete the VATSpyConfig.xml Restart VATSPY This will delete any saved configs you have like favorites lists.
  3. That is not actually a rule, you can log in and out where ever with the only exception being on a runway or taxiway.
  4. In your controller client type .atis ICAO_ATIS
  5. You said in your original post you were getting the cannot connect to voice servers error. Usually, this is as a result of an incorrectly typed password, so it is relevant, do to incorrectly placed upper and lower case letters. Enter your password exactly as it appears.
  6. You have also got another discussion thread going on here for the exact same topic, please stick to the one topic thread.
  7. What vatsim map are you talking about? Vat-Spy, Simaware, vatmap, sim tool kit pro, vataware, vattasttic, project fly, Volanta
  8. You dont have to be VSO certified to fly out of any airport including military airports, only specific Military activities are VSO restricted. Flying from point A to B in a F/A 18 is not arestricted activity. Only a VSO can activate restricted airspace, with out VSO activation its essential free use air space.
  9. VATPAC has some pilot tutorials under the pilot tab at https://vatpac.org/ The Aeronautical Information Package published by Air Services Australia https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/aip.asp contains Pilot/Controller phraseology. You want GEN 3.4 - 24 AIP Book > General > page 24 of Section 3.4
  10. Post the URL for the flight plan you are trying to file, then some one can look over the information you have entered.
  11. Since when has VATSIM ever had monthly hour requirements?
  12. It appears that the pilot client can't connect to the simulator. Nothing to do with flight plans or the network, yet. Is the simulator running, and are you in the flying part of the game, ie not in the menus, aircraft loaded? Are you running them both as admin?
  13. Yes you can prefile while still connected, just give it a minute or 2 after you park at the gate, we do this 45 times in one week during Worldflight. No need to disconnect, no need to change call signs.
  14. If you have an Android phone you can download and install vatalert, you enter your callsign and it will notify you when ATC comes online, or you are approaching an area where ATC is online, good tool if you are trying to do other tasks around the house while flying.
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