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  1. Some context. The question was asked answered on Discord by the OP, the filed STAR was for a South Flow runway operations at an airport in the USA, the airport however was running a North Flow, which has a different STAR, which is why the OPs STAR was changed. Reviewing the arrival weather would give you an indication of what flow an airport may be in when you get there.
  2. Flight plan prefiles fine. Your connection data suggest you have never logged into the network using the call sign DAH10
  3. Depends what country you are flying in. USA yes, Australia No, Europe I believe no.
  4. Please do the following in order for us to be able to help you. Post the URL of the prefiled flight plan you have filed using the prefile system. Check Vatspy to see if your prefiled flight plan is showing. Triple check your callsign you are using when connecting with vpilot, flight plans are identified by the callsign not your CID/PID.
  5. Doesnt nessacerlly have to be via Hoppies, if you have an alias file you can PDC via PM with a dot command. This is what VATSYS does, really handy when running enroute with a couple of clicks I can send a PDC as soon as the pilot files a flight plan.
  6. my.vatsim.net Learning Centre > New Member Orientation
  7. For what purpose are you fetching the flight plan in vpilot?
  8. There isnt really any need to fetch the FP in vpilot once you have prefiled it.
  9. Controllers should treat anything in the air with priority over anything on the ground, this is a competency as listed in the GRP, Manages communication priority. The same rules should apply on unicom but we all not taking off is more important than some one landing.
  10. This doesn't help, people have no idea when some one else is going to key the mic, if you key at the same time you cant hear if some one else is talking, so its pointless to say this, it fixes nothing and just makes you look unprofessional Far better solution.
  11. People should fly/control because they want too, not because there is an award on offer.
  12. They should advise you to switch to 122.8. Then you are responsible for ensuring you contact the next ATC unit as your flight progresses. If you were close enough to APP for them to work you, I would hand you to them even if it might be slightly out of their airspace, talking 50nm or so, I would imagine other people out there would follow suit.
  13. Once you are established on final approach to the runway. The exception being class D towers, who's airspace will vary depending on the country and location. A good tower would have decent situational awareness of what traffic is inbound to their location, if they notice an aircraft coming in on another runway, one would expect they would hold the departure. ATC is a service provider, that service is separation. There are plenty of airports around the world that run reciprocal runway operations.
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