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  1. Either “seven thousand one” or “seventy zero one” would be correct. Seven thousand and one would satisfy the first portion of the note regarding group form - “series of numbers as the whole number” Seventy Zero One would satisfy the second possibility - “pairs of numbers they represent” 7110.65- Aircraft having an ICAO 3LD and other FAA authorized call sign (U.S. special or local). State the call sign followed by the flight number in group form. NOTE- “Group form” is the pronunciation of a series of numbers as the whole number, or pairs of
  2. Good day, I just finished installing the the automatic notification update for the Audio for VATSIM program to v1.7.5. Now, it does not appear to be working correctly. I am logged onto the network via vERAM, however, the audio for vatsim program states, "Couldn't find active VATSIM connection, please connect to VATSIM first."
  3. Well done on the site, Chartfox.org!! I have been looking for something to help supplement/replace my usage of a few other charting sites and with the docking feature, Chartfox almost does this for me. So I will leave you some feedback that may [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist. The one thing that makes me revert back to my old meathod of having each chart loaded onto a separate chrome tab to cycle to when needed is that while using Chartfox, each time I load a chart from the dock I have to resize and rotate. The need to resize and rotate the chart each time it is selected from the dock does
  4. It may be mostly entered via the EDST simply because of ease of use from a user stand point, but the EDST is just taking the information you type in there and converting it to a Q message that gets sent to ERAM. The same message string can be sent from either the D or R keyboard. (Note: The above is real world information)
  5. Other comm status indicators i see used: /2 not hear yet, /1 here, /0 gone /0 not on freq, /1 on freq dwell locked not hear yet, undwelled here, /0 gone 8/6/2/4 data block directions here, 7/9/3/1 not here I personally use /2 - /1 - /0 for comm status and Highlight to indicate something special (ei: lands in sector, starts descent in sector, Needs traffic call, did not read back instruction, NORDO, etc.).
  6. See me in TS later on tonight. In the mean time email me the .SCT.
  7. Uncheckmark DEG/MIN/SEC option in the general setting window.
  8. At vZTL you will not normally find any identifying items to determine on your own who has what. The only chance would be to find the freq on the en route chart, but that only really applies to low aircraft. At vZTL we are not going to expect you to initial call up on the right freq unless handed off by an adjacent center. Call one with your position and altitude and they will be happy to get to to where you need to be.
  9. This is another area where the .65 contradicts itself. 4-3-2 lists "climb and maintain" as phraseology where as 4-3-3 simply has "maintain" Funny enough there should probably be an "or" between 2 and 3 and an if able on 2 as you cannot [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign both the requested altitude and an altitude closest to the requested altitude at the same time.
  10. Don't read to much into it. The majority of the people posting here have been around for years and all know or know of each other pretty well. Obviously, I cannot speak for everyone here but I have respect for and have know McGee, Kalra, Geckler, Desfosse and others for many years now. I know (or at least hope they know) that although at times we have different opinions we don't generate harsh feelings over them but instead appreciate them. Difference of opinion is even health. I am glad to have the different view points on this particular topic as I learned more about and the thread itse
  11. Wait......with the information that I found above that by definition that a Top Altitude is a restriction and that 4-5-7 says "SIDs with published restrictions", how are you still under that impression? Chris you are starting to contradict yourself. No disrespect Wes, but I am sure that he would agree that there are many different interpretations of the 7110.65.
  12. Helps if I reread the definition. Emphasis Mine, a Top altitude is a restriction. Combine this with. Yes a Sid with only a Top Altitude ([Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming one can be found and or one were to argue that Takeoff Minimums are not a restriction) can be used stating "Climb via SID".
  13. I was arguing that Takeoff Minimums are a restriction. So it does have restrictions unless you were to depart 15L, 32R or 33 which was why I was asking if BOS departs those runways. I know that quoting the takeoff minimums as restrictions may be a stretch, but I would only use that argument if someone were to stretch and say that a Top Altitude is not a restriction. Basically I am playing Devils advocate of my own devils advocate.
  14. Takeoff Minimums are [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned by ATC by saying "climb via SID" for terrain. I am guessing that BOS does not depart 15L, 32, or 33R? Those runways have NA in the takeoff minimums.
  15. Yes, we are seeking a SID with only a Top altitude and no other restrictions. Even if one were to be found I would say that it is still climb via, but like we said it could be an argument that a Top Altitude is not a restriction because it does not say it in the definition.
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