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  1. I agree. Create your own company and i recoment to make the one for comercial flights.
  2. ok thanks .. good idea. I am at the moment traveling around the world and i just p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed 55% of the way.I save up to buy a 747 coz so far i have done it all in a Airbus 321.
  3. So cheap food and medium quality is the best?
  4. Do i pay for the drinks or food i serve or do i make money on that?
  5. About FSP[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger: Do i earn money to serve more drinks and food or will that cost me money? I think it is bad that a flight for 10 hours in a 747 usely gives a negative earning. FSP is only fun for 1-4 hours flights
  6. Do you have FSNavigator? On the FSN map you can see all SID´s . You defently need to know more about this issue since it is used for navigation on every flight.
  7. It was in the news here in Denmark... Haven´t there been anything about the avoide colission equipment was off in the Brasilian news?
  8. The GOL aircraft did not turn on the collision alert ON and the smallere aircraft did not have that equipment.This is what happens when pilots think they are better than there cockpit.
  9. Use the arrow bottoms to set aircraft on straight level when on autopilot.In your case hold down the up arrow a bit and you will experience more control.Try also to fly with autopilot off and fly straight, that setting will be active when you again turns autopilot off.
  10. I agree very mutch and find piracy very wrong,but isn´t it not about to spreat the software out to so many as posible? If 3 times more would pay for the software if the price was 20$ more would injoy it and there would be more money to the developer. I just think the prise of 40$ is too mutch.I payed 35$ for Flight Simulator 2004 on Hawaii so why should i pay more for a add on program.I am sure it takes more to make the hole Flight Simulator than to make FsP[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger. It is wrong to overcharges aswell.
  11. But i still think it is way too expensive so in this case i think the developers are charching way too mutch so they ask for getting pirated.
  12. I find it very expensive to buy that program.Why should i pay the same amount of money for a added program as the price of the hole game? 28$us is a lot of money for a such program. Any ideas how to get a free keygen to FSP[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers. I don´t find it wrong to get it free when the cost is so expensive.10$us would be a more prober price.
  13. I hope many will use the program FS P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger becourse it makes your fligt more realistic.I just found a error.When the settings are at automatic serving it is not posible to show a movie by pressing Ctrl+Shift+o thats only posible to do when on manual.When on auto it dosn´t show any movie. By the way.Anybody know any key gen to FSP?
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