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  1. That section didn't even show on my screen. Thanks for the help You know this process is difficult enough without all the website issues. Is there someone who needs some help to review the site and ID issues? I know how difficult a site this large can be to manage, but it REALLY could use some work. Anyway, thanks again.
  2. Tired and and I still get dead links on some ARTCCs (houston, for example). Started at vatusa.org clicked ARTCC information clicked ARTCCs at a glance clicked Houston and got server not found.
  3. On this page http://www.vatusa.org/eval/index.html If I select ARTCC at a glance, I get the table in a frame. If I click on a link....no connection. If I open the original link into a new browser window, it works fine.... Just more info to chew on... Hobo
  4. I've been trying to check out various artcc sites and have found lots of dead links. Example On this page (Library of articles) http://www.vatusa.org/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=PN_Content&file=index&req=viewlink&secid=3 I get a dead link when clicking on ARTCC websites. I have javascript enabled and I even copied and pasted the link to checkit manually. No joy. This is about the 7th deadlink I've found while looking for info on the various ARTCCs. So, am I just missing something obvious or is there a problem? Just curious. Hobo
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