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  1. Just remember that a 'Global' mentoring program wouldn't be a VATUSA thing.. As for the idea, the whole situation may get a bit crowded but it could work.
  2. Hi Chris, I take it you want to control within the US. Or are you looking at another facility in the world?
  3. Actually Martin, I find that with VRC I can see 1500nm from the end of my vis point. For example if my vis range was 600, I can see to the end of that + 1500nm with FSS. I set my vis range when on Shanwick to 90 + 1500nm which takes me to the end of the UK and Moncton. Whether this behaviour is the same in EuroScope I don't know.
  4. http://forums.vatsim.net/viewforum.php?f=79
  5. Answer: Yes. I often use an Xbox 360 controller and it works well. Great fun too
  6. I would presume that it will run FS9 In all seriousness, yep, you should be able to run it at 30+ in dense areas.
  7. That sums it up, I suggest you invest in a good headset for around £30-40 (Not sure how much they're going for your way) which will cost you less in the long run
  8. Hey Craig, Very Useful too. I don't suppose you could make a similar program for EuroScope scenario files please? (In your own time of course) Much Appreciated if you could
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