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  1. Welcome Alex - and don't worry about being nervous, it hapepens to us all. Have a read of the thread at viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5251 and you'll find you're in good company.


    My only hint would be not to start at Heathrow or Gatwick as they can be very busy. My first flight was Stansted to Birmingham. Put "new pilot" in your remarks, and the controller will be happy to help.

  2. You set the QFE exactly the same way as you do the QNH, i.e. turn the altimeter knob to the right number. The difference is the resulting figure the altimeter needle points to. For QNH it's the number of feet above mean sea level (the altitude), for QFE it's the number of feet above the aerodrome level (the height).


    So for example, if you were on the ground at Biggin Hill (EGKB) with the QNH set your altimeter would read 600ft, but if you'd set the QFE it would read 0ft

  3. The main VFR charts (the equivalent of US sectionals) are not available online. You can buy paper or electronic versions, but unless you are really keen on flying with completely up-to-date charts, I'd suggest using the free programme Plan-G http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/ which takes its airspace data direct from FS9 or FSX and displays it on Google maps. Things like UK VRPs have also been added. It also has a lot of useful facilities for the VFR pilot, and does actually cover the whole world.


    For local airfield VFR information check the NATS site that Mike listed.

  4. If you don't seem to be hearing ATC, but not getting a reply it suggests that you are not being heard by ATC. Try sending them a message by text, and if that doesn't work send them a private message via the chat facility. It may be your system is not quite correctly set up.


    If you are using FSInn, read the sticky at the top of the FSInn forum on here on how to get things working.


    Best VFR nights in the UK are Monday at Shoreham (EGKA), Tuesday at Gloucester (EGBJ) and Friday at Biggin Hill (EGKB). All three would be very happy to help you get started

  5. Hello Ruth,


    thanks for your post.

    I´m concidering to join the Cix VFR Club. How ever, the next beginners night is scedu... scadula...scadual... planned for Tuesday 19th May 2009.



    Oh dear, thank you for pointing that out We seem to have stopped running general beginners nights in favour of one-to-one sessions on a night that suits both learner and instructor. If you decide to join then e-mail Peter Dodds, the Chief Flying Instructor, if you'd like to arrange some session. His contact details are at http://www.cixvfrclub.org.uk/contacts.php



  6. One of the problems is that it's a vicious circle. There aren't many VFR pilots on VATSIM, so the little airports don't get staffed because it's very boring sitting an an airport all night with no traffic. I aim to staff London Information (EGTT_I_CTR) once a week, which covers all traffic in England and Wales outside controlled airspace, and am lucky to get more than one or two VFR pilots in 3 hours, unless my own Virtual VFR Flying Club is having an event.


    As has been said, look out for organised VFR nights as that's when you are most likely to get ATC. Tuesday is the best night if you're flying in the UK as Gloucester (EGBJ) is almost always open. Shoreham (EGKA) is usually Mondays and Biggin Hill (EGKB Fridays)



    ([Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant webmistress, Cix VFR Club http://www.cixvfrclub.org.uk/ )

  7. Anthony


    You may well get taken off the STAR, if you was to fly into cradiff on a C1d arrival when you contact me or I contact you i would say "expector vectors to teh ILS rwy 30" at which point I can theoretically vector you anywhere within my airspace as long as it is safe and expeditious to do so.




    Yes, that's another possibility which I didn't mention. The official route from the end of the STAR really does go round the houses (or at least half of the LOREL hold). So if it's very quiet, and there's no outbounds climbing to the west from Stansted, it's possible to take the aircraft off the STAR and provide vectors direct to the ILS, cutting a good 30 or more miles off the route. You'll find the standard vectoring digram at http://www.vatsim-uk.org/regions/essex/downloads/Luton_vectoring.pdf



  8. For descent planning for Luton arrivals, the controller should aim to get you at FL200 at ROGBI, FL 150 at CLIPY, and FL80 at BKY. Remember the STAR takes you past Luton to BKY, and then you are vectored round via Busta, so there's at least another 30 miles compared with the direct route to Luton



  9. Only 13 hours on VATSIM, yes that's true, but that's no measurement of my ability to follow my flight plan. That's just hours else where. I've nearly 2,000 hours without getting lost.



    I'll give it another go and see what happens.


    If the controller does read this, there's no hard feelings, I'm prepeared to discuss it to establish what actually went wrong. I'm an open minded person who doesn't really do grudges.


    I wasn't implying that you have a lack of flight sim experience. I was trying to point out that you were alleging that VATSIM ATC always gives late descents, and that you do NOT have sufficient online time to make such a sweeping statement. Put it down to experience or bad luck or something. We'll be happy to see you in Essex airspace again for another go.



  10. If he wasn't responding it's more likely that he had a disconnect or there was a glitch in the system. So he may not even have been online to give you the turn. On the other hand, even real world controllers forget about aircraft sometimes (read the story of Mike Romeo http://www.pprune.org/atc-issues/164502-long-downwind-leg-egll-22-2-05-a.html#post1764600 )


    You don't say at what point you were told to fly a heading of 150. If it was before CLIPY then the most likely cause is that you were being separated from other aircraft flying on the same route. But you should normally be turned towards BKY round about CLIPY for the reasons you state.


    The problem is that none of us were there, so we can't tell you what was in the controllers mind at the time. Did you ask him when he came back? If you want to discuss it further and maybe get feedback from the controller concerned I suggest you post on VATUK's own forum, as it's more likley to get read by the person concerned. Just be aware that the controllers are learning just as much as you are, and won't always get it perfect.


    But sweeping statements like

    Why is it, ATC give rather late instructions to decend?
    when you have, at the time of this post, only 13 hours of online time with VATSIM is frankly insulting to the excellent level of service that our volunteers provide for the vast majority of the time.


    As has already been said, if you need a descent before the controller tells you to, do what the real world pilots do and say "BAW157 request descent".

  11. If you look at the ASKEY chart it says at the top VOR BPK u/s - that means it's for use when the BPK VOR is out of service, which it rarely is, especially on VATSIM.


    As for deciding which STAR to use, it helps to understand the principles a bit. I'll try to explain it UK style with reference to Luton. If you look at the AIS index to Luton http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php%3Foption=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=95&Itemid=144.html you'll see it has a long list of STARS, but very helpfully puts a geographic direction on each one. So if you are arriving from Dublin, you need a North arrival. Ideally you'd want a Northwest arrival, but Luton doesn't have a separate one for that.


    The North arrival is chart 7_1 Standard Arrival Chart - Instrument (STAR) - ICAO - London Luton via Lorel (north)


    When you look at the chart you'll see there are two possible entry points for the STARS from the north: WAL and MCT. WAL is the nearest to DUB, so you need to plan your flight from DUB to get you to the WAL VOR. If you arrive off route, you may well conflict with aircraft on other routes, and it can get very hectic for the controller if every pilot just turns up from any old direction. So we do expect you to stick to the standard routes, unless there's a very good reason why not.


    In fact the airways L975 and UL975 go directly from Dublin to WAL, entering UK airspace at LIFFY, so you can plan the route from Dublin to LIFFY and then use the SRD. However it's just as easy to work it out yourself.


    Having got to WAL via the L975 there are two STARS, LOREL1H and LOREL4F. As you've already discovered, which one you use is decided on by what Flight Level you are at - again this is to minimise confliction with other routes. If you look at the table of text at the top of the chart, you'll see all the STARS for that page listed, and the appropriate flight levels are in the table against each one. It's not that long a flight, so most pilots tend to stay on the lower part of the airway and use LOREL1H


    By the way, UK is different from Ireland, the STARS do not depend on the runway - they just get you to the hold (in this case LOREL) and from there you will be vectored to whichever runway is in use.


    Regarding FINMA, this is just a waypoint on the LOREL STAR very close to CLIPY, which is where you turn torward BPK. It's used as turning point for low level traffic coming from DTY, so is irrelevant to the Dublin arrivals.


    Does that help?



  12. Hello im looking for atc training but i cant get onto uk site as its down. Please help me as i want to join atc. Thanks


    If you want to join the UK you'll need to wait until the site comes back, as all the information and facitilities are on that site. In the meantime, logon as an observer in the UK watch and talk to the UK controllers, and you'll start to pick up what is going on

  13. You'll find ASRC at http://www.asrc.info/ There's a setup guide for ASRC in the avsim file library at http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Observers+guide&CatID=onlineatc&Go=Search


    Everything for VRC is on the VRC website at http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/docomeentation.shtml


    In the UK training takes place within the regional training system, so you need to decide which part of the Uk you'd like to train in (basically you can pick any major airport except Heathrow). Because the UK website is out of action we'll then need to put you in touch with the relevant regional training scheme manager to get you underway.


    But yo ucan log on to observe without having to join a training scheme.



  14. I don't think Wick wouldn have p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed the cricket test.


    btw have you heard Dickie Bird reaidng his own autobiography? It's dreadful! He should stick to umpiring

  15. So just to be clear, everyone presses an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned keyboard button down, when they transmit audio....correct?


    Thanks again...


    Correct. You can also programme a mouse button if there's enough buttons on your mouse to ensure it doesn't conflict with anything else you need it to do.

  16. may i post a picture from a different flight sim... it doesn't have vatsim but the pictures are so much better. i won't enter them into the competition or anything


    May I point out item 1 of the first post in this thread


    1. Screenshots must be VATSIM related


    Now we can't actually police that as there's no way to tell if a particular screenshot is VATSIM related, but this IS a VATSIM forum so we do rely on our members to use it as such. There are plenty of other forums on the internet where you can post non-VATSIM stuff.



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