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  1. I was checking the banner links on the vatsim.net front page, and the link for VATMEX, which is http://www.vatmex.org/, no longer works (I get a page in German instead). Please could someone direct me to the correc tlink? Ruth VATGOV7
  2. In that case I'd go with GCR and Speedcat. Make sure you put the spoken callsign in your remarks, as most controllers probably won't have a clue! Ruth
  3. GCR is the identifer for Cougar Leasing. Radio callsign Speedcat. The real world website wasn't very informative. Is that the company you are running a virtual version of? Ruth
  4. In September 2007, VATSIM controllers were presented with a ground-breaking new ATC client, the EuroScope. A state-of-the-art ATC software that combines features learned from real-life radar software and years of online virtual controlling experience, EuroScope set the standards of controlling environment to new heights. The innovative display and handling of controlled airspaces, fully customizable aircraft tags, the projection and planning of flights and radar display details, or the built-in simulator are just a few of EuroScope's features without which more and more controllers could not i
  5. This has just been posted in the UK forum from Nigel and Adam Spink who are real world controllers at LACC and EGLL respectively. Only moves which are set in stone at the moment are: 27th March, BA T1 Airbus flights and longhaul, BA T3 longhual and BA T4 shorthual move to T5. 20th April, BA T4 longhual move to T5. All the rest are up for grabs. Ruth
  6. Is that the one called heathrow2008.zip , which appears to have been uploaded in 2004? Given how old it is, does it actually have everything in the right place? (It's only for FS2004 by the way) Ruth
  7. The big problem will be that the majority of VATSIM pilots will not have scenery which shows terminal 5. With the current taxiway layout many pilots have trouble finding the existing holding points for runway 27R let alone anything else new, so although I'd prefer to use the most up to date procedures many of the pilots won't. So if you definitely want terminal 5 I'd suggest you ask for it when you report runway vacated. Ruth
  8. Hi Francisco. You need to go to www.vatsim.net and click on New Pilots Start Here. That will take you to the Pilot Resource Center where you'll find all the information you need. Welcome to VATSIM! Ruth
  9. Do you by any chance mean 4th March and not 04/02? Ruth
  10. Cross posted, and answered in the other thread. Ruth
  11. There were some problems with the VATSIM-UK site earlier today. I just tried now and it seems to be ok again. Ruth
  12. VFR flights rarely fly completely direct. You would normally route in and out of via the published Visual Reference Points. But if you are flying VFR, you don't NEED to put them in your flight plan, as long as your departure and destination airports are there. What you will have to do is advise the controller(s) which way you are planning to go. James, Vroute is designed for IFR flights - VFR is a completely different kettle of fish. If you are interested in VFR in the UK, you'll find lots of useful information, and a club full of like-minded individuals at the Cix VFR club http://w
  13. Hi Gary, As you're a UK pilot you'll probably be interested in the UK pilot mentoring program. You'll find the details in VATUK's own forum at http://www.vatsim-uk.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=60 There's a "New pilots Night" on Weds 6th Feb - details in the forum. But do read the links to the Pilot Resource Center that others have given you, because that explains all about the software and how to connect. Ruth
  14. But if you are using FSX then you'll need FSInn as Squawkbox isn't compatible yet Ruth
  15. Thread locked. You have already posted this in the correct place, which is the VA talk forum. Ruth
  16. Hi George. Can't help you with the FMC I'm afraid. Re the UK bookings, if you click on the Bookings Calendar Link at the bottom of the list of bookings, and then scroll down to the bottom of the calendar that comes up, you'll see a full explanation of the colour coding. An entry in bold means the booking is confirmed; and entry in light italics is either a mentoring session or exam that has been requested and not yet confirmed. If you want to know more specific stuff about the UK, you would do better to post in VATUK's own forum at http://www.vatsim-uk.org/forum/index.php Ruth
  17. Hi Red. You need to go back to the Pilot Resource Center where you signed up www.vatsim.net/prc and read the tutorials. In particular VATSIM 103 Software set-up. The program you will use with FSX is called FSInn so you might also find it helpful to read the stickies in the FSInn help forum at http://forums.vatsim.net/viewforum.php?f=43 Ruth
  18. As of December 2007, FSInn is the only software that enables sim pilots to connect FSX to the VATSIM network. Squawkbox 4 remains under development and as yet has no delivery date. For further details about the current version of FSInn and how to install it, see the opening announcement "Installing FSInn" in the FSInn Help Forum at http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=20466 Any questions about FSInn should be posted in that forum. The latest news about Squawkbox can be found at http://squawkbox.ca/news/ Questions about using Squawkbox with FS9 or earlier should be posted in the
  19. To try and keep all FSInn topics together, I think it's time I locked this topic. Please will anyone who has questions on how to get FSInn set-up properly please use the FSInn Help Forum at http://forums.vatsim.net/viewforum.php?f=43 And before posting, please read and if necessary act upon the first Announcment "Installing FSInn" Ruth
  20. The Board of Governors are very pleased to announce that after an extensive search and interview process, the BoG has selected Florian Harms to be the next VP of Marketing and Strategic Development. Florian has an extensive history of accomplishment in the FS hobby, both in and out of VATSIM, and is bringing a wealth of real world experience that will directly benefit VATSIM as we venture forward. Welcome to your new job, Florian!
  21. On checking, as far as I can see AVC is required for Squawkbox 2.3 only. So it's only needed if you're using FS2000. I've asked the PRC guys to make it clearer. Which FS program are you using, Rob? Ruth
  22. Enough squabbling, thank you. Keep it on topic or don't post. Ruth
  23. Answer no 1 is that you don't need the advanced voice client. Both squawkbox and FSInn have their own built in voice capabilities. I suggest you read the software tutorials in the pilot resource center at www.vatsim.net/prc which will walk you thorugh getting set up. Answer no 2 With regard to callsigns, you choose your own. For some guidance on how to do that select tutorial 200/300 Prereqs, and you'll find the article on callsign is the first one in the list that comes up. Ruth
  24. Don't forget that VATSIM pilots will be flying single handed, and don't have a PNF to do the button pushing and the comms for them. As a result there has to be a compromise between 1) communicating first, and maybe then being too slow to make the turn or start the descent or 2) aviating first, resulting in a long gap when replying to the controller. Personally I prefer to give the pilot an early instruction that he can read back before acting on. You can always add "immediately" to the instruction if it really has to be done straightaway. Ruth
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