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  1. The link Micahel gave will take you to the Pilot Resource Center. If you want to learn ATC as well, then go back to www.vatism.net and click on "New ATC start here" Ruth
  2. now you know why you need to read it right through! Ruth
  3. Please read the replies already given to you. I'll repeat my earlier answer here: this will tell you about using sector files,and anything else you need to know about starting observing Ruth
  4. You don't have to be a member of any particular ARTCC to observe, just go ahead and do it. With regard to logging in with ZLA I suggest you contact them directly by e-mail, as they won't necessarily look here. Ruth
  5. I see you are in the UK Division. I suggest you read http://www.vatsim-uk.org/index.php?page=start which has the instructions. It says you have to apply to join the RTS (Regional Training System) before you take the exam. The RTS system has it's own p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word which is separate from your p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word for logging on to the network. Ruth
  6. Maybe keeping it simple as a front page, and adding a log in field, that after completed shows the rest of the info? Just a suggestion Thanks for the suggestion I'd like to keep the whole website accessible to all. We came in for a lot of stick when the PRC required login; I'd prefer all-comers to be able to see it all. However in redesigning the front page, it would make sense to have the links for new/wannabee members in a prominent area of their own. Ruth
  7. Here's the vataware page for Taiwan http://www.vataware.com/country.cfm?iso=TW excellent graphs showing time and date distribution of traffic. If you go to the homepage you can search on other countries Ruth
  8. The issue of the website navigation is something we are well aware of. Unfortunately the last attempt at designing a new website foundered, and we are currently looking at some new options. To answer an earlier comment - I'd really hope that someone wanting to become a new pilot clicks on "new pilots start here". If they can't even find and follow that link, how are they going to find their way around charts, FMCs, and the like? The point is taken about duplicate links - they need sorting out. I'd be concerned about simplifying the front page too much - it's not just used by potenti
  9. I've already answered your question in this thread http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=7169&start=60, and you responded to it about 40 minutes before you made this post. I said Have you followed these instructions, and if so where did you get stuck? Ruth
  10. Speed restrictions in the UK apply until they are explictily cancelled. If you are really lucky you may get told "no ATC speed restriction" and then you can do what speed you like (subject to the 250 knots below FL100 rule). You will normally be given 180 knots for a base leg and intercept, and 160 knots on the glide slope, [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming you have an aircraft that can reach those speeds. The speed is nomrally given to 4 dme, after which it's up to you. (at EGLC it's 160 to 6dme as the glide slope is much steeper). If there's no other traffic to worry about spacing with I will
  11. The answer to that is a bit like "do you prefer Pepsi or Coke?" The biggest difference between the two is that VRC is designed for a multiple monitor set-up and is harder to use if you've only got a single monitor. ASRC works fine on a single monitor. Regarding your VATUSA p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word, I've just been browsing the posts in the VATUSA forum. You should have been sent your VATUSA p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word by e-mail when you signed up with the VATUSA division. If you haven't got it you need to use the Lost P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word facility on the VATUSA website, not th
  12. In that case you shouldn't even be thinking about taking the exam as it presupposes you've learnt something about controlling before you become a Student 1, the rating that permits you to log on and actually control. When you do take the exam you will need to use your VATUSA p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word, not your main VATSIM p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. In the meantime, start up VRC or ASRC, login with your VATSIM CID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word and start observing. I don't know about the USA, but VATSIM UK has a walkthrough on getting set up to observe. You'll find both the ASRC and
  13. Hi Levi, Which division's exam are you trying to take? By the way, I notice you don't have any time logged on as an observer on VATSIM. I strongly suggest you log on and become familiar with the software, observe controllers at work, and read up on the divisional procedures before you take the exam to become a Student. There will be plenty of details on the relevant divisional website. Ruth
  14. None of the above. I don't do combat sims
  15. Hello Danny. It would help if you posted your message a bit more clearly, but I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you want help with how to fly on VATSIM. You need to look at the Pilot Resource Center. From www.vatsim.net click on "New Pilots start here", or you can go direct to the webpage at www.vatsim.net/prc Ruth
  16. Have a read of the European ATC Quick Primer by Norbert Vorstaedt, former head of the VACC-SAG training department, You'll find it at http://www.vorstaedt.de/eurprimer.html Ruth
  17. AFR_N_FSS is on the supervisors official list of FSS positions. Please could someone confirm the correct spoken call sign for AFR_N_FSS, as it's the only bit of information on the list that is missing.
  18. Chris, you've already posted a separate thread on this subject. You've already got a reply there with some very good advice, and a request for you to give more information. For everyone else, please don't turn this thread into a "help how do Ii fly on VATSIM?" thread. It's actually to share experiences of having flown on VATSIM as a new pilot. Ruth
  19. Post locked. There is already a post in the VA forum, and another post has been removed from General Discussion.
  20. You'll need to give me the precise name of the file as there are several different files for the London FIR. I'd suggest you try another file. EGLL_TWR would be a good one to start with. If you get problems with that as well, you will need to uninstall VRC and then reinstall following the instructions in the Observers Guide very carefully Ruth VATGOV7
  21. Hold on, hold on, Robbie. The charts are published in the AIS. They are copyright - no-one is allowed to reproduce them on any other website. I would suggest you go ahead and make a sample website so the VATSIM-UK guys can see what you are capable of. You don't need their permission for that as long as you don't use any of their copyright stuff. But no-one is going to support you if all you do is keep posting on here instead of getting on and doing something. And is this going to be the first website you have ever made or have you done a website before that you can show us? I
  22. You really need to go and look at what has already been done, both on the VATSIM-UK site and elsewhere. For example EGKK is covered by the excellent SE RTS site at http://www.serts.co.uk/ Ruth
  23. Robbie, we really appreciate your enthusiasm. However you have only been a member for three days and you really need to spend some time on VATSIM first to find out how it all works and what is needed. There already is a separate area for London - it's called the Capital Regional Training scheme, so a London Subdivision would be pointless. VATSIM-UK already has an excellent website, so there's not much point in doing what has already been done. But the webteam are always looking for people to help with the bits that aren't finished yet. Or you can do what I did and set up a website of y
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