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  1. If you look on the VRC website http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/docomeentation.shtml there's a guide to setting up VRC for the first time called the Observers Guide. I'm not sure why you are getitng that error message. Which sector file are you using? RutH
  2. The sector files are the same whether you are using ASRC or VRC. Your question has already been answered in your ASRC thread. Sector files are always found on the website of the Division responsible for that airspace. You also need to go to that website to find out about the training programme for learning to be a controller. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  3. Hi Danny. You need to read the set-up tutorials in the Pilot Resource Center. Either go to www.vatsim.net and click on New Pilots Start Here, or go direct to www.vatsim.net/prc Let us know if you're still having trouble when you've worked through the tutorials. You'll need to give us details of what software you are using and at exactly what stage it goes wrong Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  4. You can't download FSX. You have to buy it on disk. I thought you said elsewhere that you already have FSX. If you mean FSInn, the link is in the first post in this thread. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  5. Hi Gerald - welcome to VATSIM Go to www.vatsim.net and click on "new controllers start here". It will give you all the information you need to get started Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  6. Ashlee, as you are posting in the UK forum I'd suggest you join the UK New Pilots night, which should be on Weds 1st August. It's held on the first Weds of each month - details of the next one aren't posted yet, but have a look at http://www.vatsim-uk.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9600 for the general instructions. You can come onto the VATSIM-UK teamspeak and someone will talk you through getting FS set up. If you'd prefer, drop the UK's New Pilot Manager an e-mail at new.pilots [AT] vatsim-uk.co.uk and he'll get someone to go through it with you on a 1:1 basis Ruth VATGOV7 Vice presi
  7. Have you tried using it as a pilot? Ruth VATGOV7
  8. That wasn't a stupid question, only one to which you didn't know the answer. Ruth
  9. Hi Yunus. The first thing to do is to read the tutorials at the Pilot Resource Center www.vatsim.net/prc. You can also get to it through the link on the vatsim.net front page saying "New pilots start here". It explains all about the software and how to set it up and what to do when you are online. If you are still having problems after you've gone through them I'd suggest you post in the Pilots sections of these forums with details of what problems you are having. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  10. Hi Alan, welcome to VATSIM! I think the best way of getting all these questions answered is to make use of the New Pilots Night and the one-to-one mentoring on VATSIM-UK, otherwise we're going to end up writing out all the stuff in the Pilot Resource Centre on here, as well as trying to answer all the questions that aren't in the PRC! You won't ruin anyone flying on the New Pilots Night, because it's there specifically to let new pilots ask questions and try things out under supervision. I'd start with flying in the UK, and get used to that before venturing across the Atlantic, and t
  11. The problem with setting a total file size limit is monitoring it. I really don't fancy having to look at every thread with more than a few pictures and checking each pictures file size and adding them up. I'd rather be flying or controlling! Ruth VATGOV7
  12. At the moment I'm going to be rigid on this. As several people commented, whatever number you pick, one person will go over by one or two, then one person goes over by five, then one by 10. Where do we draw the line? If it's ok to go over by two, then I should have set the limit at 12 in the first place. Then someone will try and post 14, and so it goes on....... I would normally expect people posting in a forum for the first time to read the opening welcome announcement, but I take Seamus's point and will change the title. I'm not going down the route of allowing more pictures on l
  13. Thanks for the positive responses, guys. However sadly, in the first 5 days of this forum being open, 6 posters out of 25 have failed to follow the posting guidelines. Three of them posted introductions which basically translated "I know what the guidelines say, but I'm going to ignore them". So far we've had five posters put up excessive numbers of pictures, and one has posted a picture that was nothing to do with VATSIM. My trust in members' commonsense was obviously misplaced, so from now on these are no longer guidelines, but rules and I will enforce them firmly. Any post brea
  14. I'm sorry Abraham, but this doesn't have anything to do with VATSIM or flying. I am locking the thread. If anyone wishes to reply to Abraham, please do so by private message. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  15. It's a single network, so all the servers act as one single big session. You don't have to connect to any particular one, though you'll probably get a speedier response if you connect to one which is geographically nearer to you Ruth
  16. This forum is for members to post their screen shots for general interest. Competition entries should be posted in the Monthly Screen Shot Contest forum. You must observe the following rules, mainly out of courtesy to your fellow members: (they have now been tightened up, as some posters have been ignoring them) 1. Screenshots must be VATSIM related 2. Members will be responsible for hosting their own pictures. For those that don't have server space or the bandwidth, http://www.imageshack.us/ is a viable option. 3. Image size will be limited to 500kb to keep download time re
  17. We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Norman Blackburn as Vice President - Conflict Resolution. Norman brings a wealth of experience in VATSIM to the post, most recently having been deputy to the VP Supervisors. We wish him well in following in the footsteps of George Marinakis, who can now enjoy a well earned "retirement". Ruth McTighe VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  18. Go to www.vatsim.net and click on New Pilots Start Here. Or the direct link is www.vatsim.net/prc Ruth VATGOV7 Vice-president Communications
  19. Hi Francesco, I'm not very clear what you are wanting to do. The best way to get started is to go to www.vatsim.net and click on either New ATC Start Here, or New Pilots Start Here, depending on which you want to try first. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  20. Hi there. There is plenty of stuff available to show you how to connect in the Pilot Resource Centre. Go to www.vatsim.net and click on "New Pilots Start here", or you can go directly to www.vatsim.net/prc Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  21. After an extensive search with many well qualified candidates VATSIM has selected Kyle Ramsey to be the next VP Virtual Airline and SOA. Kyle brings extensive knowledge to the position with experience in VUSCG and several of the net's oldest VA's. Kyle in the recruitment process related many interesting and innovative initiatives that will benefit VATSIM and its VA partners. We are delighted to welcome Kyle to his new position. Ruth McTighe VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  22. Thanks all for your posts so far - feel free to add more ideas as you think of them! Ruth VATGOV7
  23. Jason, As Vice president Communications, I would be more than happy to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] on an e-mail to the rest of the BoG if requested. Ruth VATGOV7
  24. http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=13582&start=0 It's a sticky post at the top of this forum Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  25. Hi Adam, you need to go to the Pilot Resource Center, whose front page you should have seen when you first joined. The direct link is www.vatsim.net/prc You cna also get to it from www.vatsim.net by clicking on "New Pilots Start Here" There are tutorials on what VATSIM is, what software you need, how to get it all set up, basic r/t .. and loads more if you have the time to read it all! and above all enjoy! Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications, VATSIM
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