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  1. You don't need AVC. The voice software is built in to both FSInn and Squawkbox. If you open AVC after you've started FSInn it recognises that FSInn is already using the port. Why are you wanting to use AVC? Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  2. When flying online the AI traffic is switched off, as otherwise it could conflict with the real traffic. When you log off the AI taffic will be switched back on. The other planes you will see are other online pilots, so it depends on who else was online at ATL at the time. Quickest way to check is with the program ServInfo which will tell you who else is flying and where Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  3. OK guys (and gals), here's your chance. Lots of VATSIM pilots come on here hoping to start a VA, often with very little experience or concept of what's involved. What would be your top tips to someone thinking of starting a VA? Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president Communications
  4. Hi Nathan, the rules about e-mail addresses have just changed, which should make it easier for you. You should e-mail the membership department and explain your problem. Go to www.vatsim.net and click on Membership Services>Contact VATSIM, and then on VATSIM Membership and Registration. With regards to the software, I presume when you say you are using XP8.60 you mean you are using XPlane. If so you need XSquawkbox to connect to the network. You will find it at http://www.xsquawkbox.net/ You don't need AVC as voice is integrated into XSquawkbox. You'll also find it useful to r
  5. If you go to www.vatsim.net and click on "New Controllers Start Here" you'll get a detailed answer to your question. Ruth McTighe VATGOV7 Vice president, Communications
  6. Yes, as long as you are using a flightsim program with an appropriate pilot clinet e.g. Squawkbox, FSInn, Xsquawkbox, it doesn't matter what the program is - everyone will see everyone in the area they are flying in. VATSIM runs one glorious single session on a network of servers. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president, Communications
  7. FSInn is the only software that will let you connect with FSX, until SB4 is released. I'd suggest you post in the FSInn forum on here with the exact details of where it starts to go wrong, as I'm sure someone will be able to help Ruth VATGOV7 Vice presdient - Communications
  8. Hi Henrique! Go to www.vatsim.net and click on "New ATC start here". regards Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  9. In the UK (the home of GMT) we have no problem with you setting daylight time when it's really dark out there. Otherwise we'd never get any VFR traffic in those long winter evenings! It's helpful if you put a comment in your remarks like "daylight settings". Ruth VATGOV7 4 miles from the Greenwich Meridian
  10. What about Scotland and Northern Ireland I have some charts kicking about somewhere from my lovely trips down south in the Piper I will have a look Sorry Scott - not having the charts for Scotland I wasn't going to stick my neck out and guess. NI is on the same chart as Northern England. Perosnally I prefer the quarter mil charts, but you need more to cover the whole country, which makes it more expensive. Ruth
  11. You can't I'm afraid - they aren't published in electronic format. They cost about £13 each new - you only need two at the half-mil scale to cover England and Wales. If you ask nicely on the VATSIM-UK forum, one of our realworld pilots may be able to let you have out-of-date but recent charts. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  12. If you want to observe in the UK, I'd suggest downloading the UK area file from CTR-TMA. Later if you want to watch specific airports in more detail, you can download the appropriate TWR or APP file. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  13. I'd suggest you go to the VATSIM-UK website training page at http://www.vatsim-uk.org/training/index.php Download the VRC Observers guide which will give you a step-by-step guide on how to get set up and listening to and watching ATC. For pictures of what you will see have a look at the screenshots page on the VRC site at http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/screenshots.shtml Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications.
  14. I think a considerable difference between the US and UK legislation here. The UK Data Protection Act covers both private and public organisations (I had to register under the DPA when I was maintaining a clubs membership records). The subject of a record has the right to see anything written about them, including statements of opinion as well as of fact. Ruth VATGOV7
  15. VATSIM are very pleased to announce the addition of a new server to the network. Donated by VATSAF, it has now successfully completed the test phase, and is now an "official" VATSIM server. It is known as South Africa One, with an IP address of Our warmest thanks go to VATSAF for their support for the network. Ruth McTighe VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  16. Duplicate post. Original moved to VA Talk, and this thead locked. Ruth McTighe Vice president - Communications
  17. Duplicate post. Original moved to VA Talk, and this thead locked. Ruth McTighe Vice president - Communications
  18. Duplicate post. Original moved to VA Talk, and this thead locked. Ruth McTighe Vice president - Communications
  19. Duplicate post. Original moved to VA Talk, and this thead locked. Ruth McTighe Vice president - Communications
  20. Duplicate post. Original moved to VA Talk, and this thead locked. Ruth McTighe Vice president - Communications
  21. Try reading the forums! http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=16191&highlight=convention Ruth
  22. er.. header says 11th Marc h and text says 4th March. There's the same confusion on the event website. Please can you confirm date? I'm going to see if any of our VFR club are interested. Ruth VATGOV7 Cix VFR Club http://www.cixvfrclub.org.uk/
  23. The site is working fine here (23rd Feb 06 at 17:26z). Maybe you 've got some sort of setting problem your end? Ruth
  24. With the arrival of FSX and the "Shared Skies" feature, it is now possible for two pilots to fly online together as a single aircraft on VATSIM. This is done by the co-pilot using FSInn's Observer mode and a modified callsign. Full details of how to set this up can be found in the Pilot Resource Center at http://mbev.net/wikka/ConnectingAsCopilot The instructions for the co-pilot must be followed exactly to ensure he doesn't show up on the controller's scope as a duplicate aircraft. Flying with a co-pilot adds a new dimension to the VATSIM experience and is an excellent way for newer p
  25. and the A380 is apparently going to be described as "Superheavy" Ruth VATGOV7
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