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  1. Horrible navigation on the AIS website, isn't it?! The direct link to the charts page is http://www.ais.org.uk/aes/pubs/aip/html/aipad2.htm Ruth
  2. Hi Matthew, welcome to VATSIM It doesn't actually matter which server you connect to. It sounds as if you haven't found the instructions for connecting yet. Go to the Pilot Resource Center at www.vatsim.net/prc and read section 103 "Software setup". Then if you have any further questions post in the section of this board that deals with the software you are using. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president, Communications
  3. You might like to copy your e-mail to vatusa2 (at) vatusa.org You could also post in the USA forum of this board, as your message is more likely to be seen by the right people. If you get nowhere in a couple of days, let me know at ruth (at) vatsim.net Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  4. You should contact VATUSA by e-mail to tell them about your problem rather than just posting in a general forum. Send it to the Director of VATUSA - vatusa1 (at) vatusa.org Ruth
  5. You'll have to give a little more detail than that! What can't find you? Which divsion do you want to learn to control with, and have you read their website to see how to get your controller training? Ruth VATGOV7 Vice President - Communications
  6. You need to go to www.vatsim.net and click on "New Controller Start here" The arrangements about what airport(s) you go to depend on which country/division you join. Have a look on the relevant website for information Ruth VATGOV7
  7. I'm pleased to announce that the PRC guide for installing FSInn has now been updated by Larry James to include the procedures for FSX, Enjoy! Ruth McTighe VATGOV7 Vice President - Communications
  8. can i get the link please to download it cheers If you read the part you've quoted again, you'll see that the download is for instructors. You don't have to download anything. The person doing the instructing will set it all up and will then arrange for you to connect to the ACSIM server for a training session. However ACSim is for experienced students who have already p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed their tower exams and are now learning to vector aircraft. There is a Tower Sim, but your local Training department wil lbe the people to ask if your division uses it or not. Ruth VATG
  9. Is there are branch of VATSIMolholics Anonymous near you? Ruth
  10. yes, I know a VATSIM controller who has the same problem at University. It is most likely blocked ports, and you don;t stand much chance of getting them opened so you can play "games" on school computers. Funnily enough, I expec tyou are supposed to be studying on them. ruth
  11. No worries - glad it's sorted. Now enjoy! Ruth
  12. All the EGLL controllers are on voice - they haven't got any text only controllers at present. Did you call up the controllers atis and get the details of the voice channel? ("Observing a controller" paragraph 4) Ruth
  13. I really would recommend reading the Observers Guide that I linked to above, which answers virtually all of your questions. The only one it doesn't is the lower left box, which should definitely read A/G 1 Ruth
  14. I'll let someone from the USA answer the membership question. with the inability to see or hear communications, I'd suggest then when you find a contorller that's not TOO busy and try to observe him, send him a prviate message and he should be able to help you test things. It sounds as if you haven't got things configured properly, but it's easier to sort out when your'e talking to someone online. However have you actually set up a VSCS button for a controller who is online at the time? If so, post here what you put in the configuraiton boxes. Ruth
  15. Glad you made it! You might also like to download a great little program called ServInfo (also free) from http://www.avsim.com/hangar/utils/servinfo/home.htm which will let you see what controllers and pilots are online all over the world. That way you can see which airports are busier and go and observe the fun there. Ruth
  16. Try the ASRC Observers Guide from avsim or direct from http://www.cix.co.uk/~smctighe/Files/ASRC%20v1.1%20Observers%20Guide.doc to explain how to set up as an observer. Then go to http://www.vatusa.org/training/reference.html where you'll find a vast range of study guides Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  17. Good luck with your flying club, but please don't spam the forums. Your post in the VA forum will be quite sufficient. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president - Communications
  18. I think this is what you are looking for The European Quick Primer, by Norbert Vorstädt: http://www.vorstaedt.de/eurprimer.html Ruth VATGOV7 Vice-President, Communications
  19. On www.vatsim.net click on "New Pilots start here". That will take you to the Pilot Resource Center or you can go direct to www.vatsim.net/prc. Then read the tutorials, which will tell you all about how to set up software, how to connect, and how to fly on the network. By the way, there's plenty of information, including the link to the PRC in Pilot Software Forum on here. Have fun! PS FSX is not designed to be maxed out on the current generation of computers. Push your sliders down a bit and your frame rates will come back. The max settings are for the forthcoming Vista and D
  20. Paul is correct. AVC is no longer needed for either Squawkbox or FSInn. The reason you are getting the post 3290 message is because SB and AVC are trying to use the same port. If you need help setting up then go to the Pilot Resource Center at www.vatsim.net/prc and follow the tutorials on setting up. Ruth VATGOV7 Vice president, Communications
  21. VATSAF (South Africa) have been using a dedicated unicom frequency for some time. It would be wroth asking themf or their experience. My concern is the same as others have mentioned - how will less experienced pilots know about the special frequency, especially as so many have problems grasping the use of unicom in the first place? Ruth
  22. i wish you well with your exercise, but I would point out that this is not the forum to make this sort of request. You will need to contact the relevant Divisional/Regional Directors by e-mail to make the appropriate arrangements. Ruth McTighe VATGOV7 Vice President - Communications
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