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  1. if you are using headsets with jackplugs, then it's no problem. Just use a splitter. It's what we do at exhibitions to allow members of the public to listen in to the ATC. If it's possible to get a USB splitter I would guess you can do the same, but I've never tried it.


    My Logitech USB headset actually has jackplugs going into a USB connector, which gives me the best of both worlds!



  2. Great to see ATC happening more and more in the Caribbean. Can I suggest that if you're going to have regular full staffing nights, advertise them on the VATSIM events calendar. Look on www.vatsim.net and click on Lets go Fly>Events.


    Could you also give the time in zulu time for those of us who don't know how to adjust for Dominican local time?


    Keep up the good work



    VP Communications

  3. ServInfo is an independent program, there must not be FSInn, SB3 or even the Flightsim on your PC.


    Just to clarify (threre's a difference between German and English phraseology here), there is no need to have FSInn, SB3 or the flightsim on your PC in order to run ServInfo. If you say "there must not be" it means "you are not allowed to.." or "it won't work if you have the other programs installed" which I know is not what you meant.



    VP Communications.

  4. When is VATGOV going to get involved? It doesn't appear this is going anywhere


    Dont hold your breath.... they have never came to the aid of conflicts within ARTCCs I experianced this first hand. I would have to say the entire divison would have to be screwed before they step in


    The Board of Governors does not intervene directly in internal conflicts. There is a formal structure in VATSIM through the Divisions to the Regions to the Eecutive Committee, and if you feel it necessary you should utilise that.


    That is not to say that the Govenors do not view this matter with concern or will be ignoring the matter. However a public forum is not the place for the BoG to be getting involved.


    Ruth McTighe

    VP Communications

  5. Don't worry Gerry - I realise that tensions are running high, and there is a lot of concern in ZLA over the recent events.


    Disciplinary action is a last resort only for those who use downright and persistently abusive language, as has happened with one poster on here. However it is incomebent on everyone to take a deep breath and reconsider before hitting the "send" button if you are replying in the heat of the moment. This thread has the potential to be a useful discussion on the issues that were raised originally, but not if people start using it for cheap shots or to gloat.



  6. I have now had the disappointing task of removing repeated copies of the same unacceptably abusive post from this thread. I have allowed the thread to continue as the general issues raised are of interest and concern to all members.


    However personal attacks are not acceptable, and abusive language will be subject to VATSIM disciplinary procedures (Code of Conduct para A11). If you can't make your point without being polite, then I suggest you don't say anything.


    Ruth McTighe




    While posting this the post immediately above appeared. It has now been removed as wholly unacceptable to VATSIM

  7. Thats the puppy, PRESTEL, as I say at the time I thought it was cutting edge but obviously it wasnt.




    You should read "Nothing about flying in this"


    I think you would like it.


    I've read it already - just trying to decide what to add to it


    by the way, the info on what Cix is about, and what you get for you money is at http://www.cixvfrclub.org.uk/membership.htm



  8. I think you might be remembering Prestel. Teletext screens, 1200/75 baud modem, the online multiplayer adventure game called Shades (through which I met the bloke I eventually married).... Oh 'eck, you've started ME off reminiscing now.



    (aka Hypatia, Shades witch)

  9. Hi Wycliffe


    You don't actually pay to join the Flying Club. The club was created by subscribers to Cix which is a long-standing ISP. (I've been a member for about 14 years I think). Cix runs its own forums, known as conferences, and the majority of the Flying Club business is transacted on the club's own conference. And you can't access the conferences unless you pay to join Cix, which is why we created a category called [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociate membership so people can join the Club without charge if they aren't members of Cix or don't want to join.


    The link from the club website front page to the detailed explanation of Cix appears to be broken at the moment - I'll give the CFI a prod to repair it.


    Cix is very much a community rather than a standard ISP. If you want to look at the official Cix site it's at http://web.conferencing.co.uk/Home.aspx



    Cixen and proud of it!

  10. Lee, you need to go to www.vatsim-uk.org and start reading the Training section. Also log on as an observer and start watching what is going on, and learning how ASRC works. Talk to the controllers online if they aren't busy, and see how they put the manuals into practice.


    Then when you feel you are ready you can take the Observer-Student test online. Once you've p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed that you can join a regional training scheme and start controlling for real.


    You should also join the vatsim-uk forums at http://www.vatsim-uk.org/forum/index.php because that's where the majority of the UK discussions and questions and answers take place.


    See you online



    VP Communications

    (and Thames Radar/Essex Radar)

  11. We are very pleased to announce that XSquawkbox has been released. Developed by Ben Supnik, XSquawkBox is a plugin for the X-Plane flight simulator (versions 6, 7 and 8 ), allowing users to fly on-line in X-Plane.


    XSB for VATSIM features:

    - Integrated voice.

    - Automatic voice room tuning with the com1 frequency.

    - Weather from VATSIM.

    - Integrated UI: the plugin appears entirely within the flight sim.

    - Easy installation: install the plugin and a new menu appears for XSquawkBox - no other apps to start or clutter.

    - Minimal UI: where possible things like transponder and radio tuning are done with the real x-plane panel and not a separate UI.

    - CSL: XSquawkBox has a CSL format for adding additional models to XSB's vocabulary.


    XSB is available at: http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xsb/



    Ruth McTighe

    VP Communications

  12. Hi Ruth


    I'm mor ethan happy to fly in or do some atc directed circuits if it helps out, 7pm GMT at edinburgh 2/11/05


    thanks for the offer, Wick. Just a little reminder though - 2000z means 2000 zulu time, which is basically the same thing as GMT. So if you show at 7pm GMT you'll be on your own!



  13. Hi Peter,


    If you don't have a SID/STAR, don't worry. Once you clearly state it in your plan and to the controller, you will be vectored and as Dave said, you can be vectored off the SID/STAR for traffic reasons. However, it is in your best interests to keep yourself up to date with all current procedures.





    While we will do our best to accommodate pilots who want vectors for a SID, please be aware that if there is a single approach or TMA controller who is covering EGLL on a top down basis, it may not be possible to give vectors due to workload. So listen in to the radio and if the r/t is already clogged with aerodrome and en-route traffic, be sensible about your requests. It really doesn't take long to get the charts or look at the Vatsim division websites. Or consider flying from one of the other London airports where the controllers will have more time to help.




  14. regarding the SIDS, we really do encourage you to get the charts - for the UK they are completely free to download form the site quoted. http://www.ais.org.uk/aes/pubs/aip/html/aipad2.htm is the direct link to the airport pages. What you need to file is the end waypoint of the SID - the controller will tell you which SID to use depending on the runway in use e.g. leaving EGLL to the northwest from runway 27L you would file the first waypoint as WOBUN, and the controller will give you the WOBUN2G departure. If you are completely without charts you should be given any other waypoints on the SID e.g. WOBUN2G is actually DCT BUR DCT WOBUN (you can also find the text details of the SIDS on the airport pages of www.vatsim-uk.org). Doing your homework in advance is much appreciated by the controllers, who are often very busy at EGLL.


    You can be vectored off the SIDS early if it is quiet enough for you to be given a short cut. This often happens at airports where the SIDS go the long way round to avoid traffic for other airports.





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