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  1. After reading the discussion between Richard and Luke i do agree with both of you, it is a problem that isnt easily solved. Setting up anetwork would be horrendous to staff, but something must be done to maintain the level of reality and proffesionalism within the network. Many people like myself, unfortunately never made it to commercial aviation. Personally speaking September 11th cost me my career because at the time prior to the attacks, i had succesfully completed the first few stages of the application process for British Airways' pilot training scheme which was suspended due to drastic
  2. Alistair... Controllers are human... and often they don't keep their cool. You just don't hear it because they are.... "preaching to the choir". Complaining here is like talking about fire safety to the fire brigade (department). The people who NEED the help don't know about (care about) the help they could get here. Some will always treat VATSIM as a "game", some will treat it as reality. The goal is to find somewhere in between that everyone can be happy... But as you can't please everyone, I choose closer to reality. For those who crave fun, Microsoft made another simulator.
  3. Hi Sean, Agreed. It is a difficult problem unfortunately no matter what decision is taken if any, will be at a cost. I honestly dont know a solution to stop these problems from occuring. As you say not everyone is willing to put the time in to familiarise or train themselves to fly properly around the globe and this is the biggest problem on vatsim, for its these our fellow pilots who cause the problems mentioned at the start of this thread at heathrow. Heathrow is a complex environment to fly within at the best of times, its even more complex if someone attempts to fly into Heathrow Tower a
  4. Before i heard of vatsim i was one of these pilots who flew directgps from one location to the other without a care in the world. I wanted to get into it further but found it very hard until one day i came across cyprusairways virtual to whom i belong to now. One of my airlines routes indeed one of the biggest routes CY flies is from LCLK is to EGLL. Until i joined this community i had no knowledge of complex procedures nor any good aircraft ( i was messing around with freeware ones off the net!) I am now flying PSS A330 A320's by wire exactly to manual. Now, 2 months on, i am able to fly
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