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  1. Over the past few years, I've began to notice the poor state of the VATSIM pilot software. There are only 2 choices: 1. The original client, Squawkbox, from the SATCO days. 2. The aspiring, yet incomplete client, FSInn. Both have their pros and and their cons. The biggest thing Squawkbox has going for it is that it's simple to use, and relatively user friendly, especially to set up: you can usually just install it and fly straight away. FSInn, on the other hand, whilst feature rich and offering superior functionality, requires a lot of effort and know how to get it working to its f
  2. This is my tower setup: I use this setup, coupled with FS9 in tower view mode on my other screen, doing most of the work from tower view, like a real tower controller . The Radar is only there because the real Glasgow has one, and is only a copy of the Glasgow Approch's screen and is not to be used for providing radar services. The screen above the radar is the Surface Movement Radar, which Glasgow also has one of . I have the main window resized at the bottom because I only need the chatbox and function buttons. In the middle is my controller list and ATCA, which provides the squawks, a
  3. Yes Aggery, I am currently running the i7 and is a fantastic processor. However it's not all about the CPU, if you have an underpowered GPU then it really isn't 'all that'. But alas, I'm sure you know this, I'm mearly sharing my own mistake in the hope others don't follow suit.
  4. Hello, Currently, I have my computer connected wirelessly to a router, and the router wired to the modem. I get a terrible connection, although I don't know why as it's less then 10 meters away. I found another router, however, and I was wondering if it would be possible to wire my computer to the new wireless router, then connect the new one to the existing one, wired to the modem. Any help appreciated, Andrew.
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