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  1. Morning Bill also a bad morning to be on earlies
  2. Not sure Wycliffe at least in the uk the mods would normally say why and who had deleated or edited any post.
  3. anyway Gareth i am sure it helped Now back on track everyone
  4. Cheers Matt i have not used that before will it just show as a normal booking and will they show if it was a mentoring session ? Cheers Chris
  5. Hi all are we able to sort out a booking list for the UK atc while our site is down. I expect i know the answer but i had to ask anyway. Cheers Chris
  6. Hi all a very quick qusetion for when using myalias file i get a sereis of !!!!!! after the last letter that gets sent when i press the asel key to send this can happen on any position i am logged in as and can vary from as to what . commands i send any one any ideas please. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi Gents first post here . I have had this client software issue since at least the end of last year mainly with the European servers but i also get this message "errors no such callsign ( various callsigns ) " had them both last night while connected as an OBS to Europe-CW . I have had it if in a mentoring session then both myself and the mentor have had the callsign error at the same time I guess as we would normally both be connected to the same server and voice room regards Chris
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