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  1. Here's a workaround solution that I've used: 1.Start at the runway, and taxi to the gate *offline* 2.Once at the gate, shut down engines (if you prefer) 3. Save the situation (File --> Save Situation) as something like (example), "KSFO Gate Cold Start" Now whenever you want to depart from that particular airport on Vatsim, just load up the situation, then connect to the servers =)
  2. Here you go Wayne: http://www.x-scenery.com/ I highly recommend it. Not only is it a dream to fly, but it has the most accurate systems modeling of any aircraft on X-Plane right now. I have yet to use it on VATSIM however...I want to spend some more time until I'm comfortable with it, because (just like the real thing I've heard), it can be quite a handful. EDIT: Alex, thanks for that Airbus link! I'm going to have to get that now, it looks amazing.
  3. I use X-Plane, but it's surprising that MFS Add-on Devs haven't pounced on this opportunity. I've never visited, but from what I've seen, Ireland is gorgeous, and would make for some great VFR flying.
  4. Good We should all have an X-Plane fly in one of these days/nights. Have those ever been scheduled before?
  5. How are you liking X-Plane so far? I used to be MFS user, had X-Plane 8.6 as well but never really got into it. After becoming frustrated over FSX, I made the switch to X-Plane 9 and have never looked back. I love it!
  6. Although I've been a "member" of this site for quite a while, it wasn't until today that I finally worked up enough courage to test the waters (and, despite the outcome, I'm so glad I finally bit the bullet!) After yours truly spent hours reading and re-reading the materials listed in the PRC, I decided that no amount of preparation would make me sound like a 'pro' from the get go; ATC services would spot this noob from a nautical mile away, so I figured that a mistake here and there wouldn't hurt (mistakes are what we learn from afterall). My first venture into simulated air was a small
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