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  1. Come join the party in Reno at Hot August Nights, the biggest cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ic car and Rock & Roll festival in the West! Reno/Tahoe International Airport offers beautiful (and challenging!) mountainous terrain in close proximity to the airport. We'll have the airport and the Reno TRACON fully staffed for 6 straight hours. Saturday, August 24th 2300Z - 0500Z on the 25th KRNO - Reno/Tahoe International Airport See you there! -- Lance Hutchinson vZOA Events Coordinator Senior Controller Oakland ARTCC http://www.oakartcc.com [email protected]
  2. Yep. Amateur = one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession.
  3. I've got this issue too with XP9 and either the latest beta or non-beta of XSquawkbox. I also use VRC and FS9/FSX with FSInn and I do not have the buzz problem in these applications, so I'm not sure if it is Windows drivers, my sound card, or something else...
  4. What you are actually after is the nosewheel steering, as the rudder can't control the airplane when it is at taxi speeds. Some nosewheels can turn more than others, so this might not be a problem with your yoke/joystick. The simplest way to decrease turn radius is to use differential braking - i.e. brake only the right wheel to make your plane turn sharper to the right. I think F11 is the left and F12 the right wheel brake by default in FS9.
  5. We'll probably need more information to track down your problem, but for starters, can you see online controllers and hear their voice communications without issue? There may be issues with a firewall program (Windows firewall, Zonealarm, etc.) installed on your computer that is blocking the communications between Squawkbox and Flight Simulator.
  6. I haven't noticed this, but I don't fly many of the FSX default aircraft - only addons (PMDG 744X, Eaglesoft SR22). If you are noticing a tendency towards a large nose-up attitude after take-off without much back pressure on the controls, I'd first check the elevator trim to make sure this isn't the culprit.
  7. I haven't been able to figure this out either...
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