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  1. Well, if you buy a laptop, chances are you will be using a router. Combined with vista, and any anti virus software you are using, Using squawkbox is going to be hard. Word of warning
  2. Try running squawkbox externally from flightsim. It may be a pain to switch windows every so often, and you won't be able to use full screen view for obvious reasons, but i was losing about 10fps off norm. because of the mere squawkbox window being in flightsim. Just an idea. Sorry i can't help with any of the technical solutions
  3. Thanks, think i'll still upgrade for performance in general, not just fsim
  4. I i understand you correctly, Im not actually running out of memory, I think about 80% is used, I Thought upgrading would help. Thanks
  5. Hello all. I have installed Flight simulator 2004 on my Laptop (Dell inspiron 1520). I have 1024mb of memory at the moment, with a 128 graphics card. Im considering Upgrading to 4GB of RAM, Any ideas on by how much (or if) this will increase FPS? Cheers
  6. Hi, does anyone know who i should contact, to start controlling at TKPK,TKPN,TNCM,or TFFJ? Thank you (p.s. i have p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed my S1 exam with vatsim u.k. i just wanted somewhere small to start off with)
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