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  1. I imagine it would be one session in most cases. The airport has just enough complexity that an ARTCC would feel the need to walk a student through the airspace first, but it doesn't have the traffic levels and complexity to make it a major field. Aspen Airport (KASE) comes to mind. It is a somewhat busy one runway airport in a box canyon with high MVA's. The airport has opposing ops (one way in and one way out in opposite direction). During busy events, you have to hold aircraft. The phraseology is unique because of the high MVAs and possibility for excessive tailwinds.
  2. For Restricted, you would be allowed to have a theoretical session including a Sweatbox session to show concepts and allow the student to practice. The student would not be graded on the practice (i.e. pass/fail). The endorsement signifies that the informational session took place.
  3. No subdivision is being forced to use Solo Endorsements per the GCAP for each and every student. If a subdivision wishes to have a student with a lower rating work a position that requires a rating one higher than their current one prior to their OTS, they have to have a Solo Endorsement. This is for that student's protection to comply with CoC C6. This is very different than the Event Endorsement. Divisions could choose not to use the Event Endorsement. This decision would not mean that members could never work events. By not taking advantage of the Events Endorsement, a Division would
  4. That’s the way I took it during our discussions: Minor = ratings alone. Restricted = a theoretical session. Major = theoretical and OTS.
  5. Solo Endorsements are a good thing. It allows the student to apply what they have learned on the live network unsupervised. If a student has been authorized by their Division/Subdivision to work a control position without the proper rating (because their rating is one below), they must have a Solo Endorsement. Otherwise, they would technically be in violation of CoC C6. The SUP would have no other way of knowing the Division authorized the student to work the position. The alternative would be to have the student not practice on the live network on the position until they passed their OTS
  6. Congratulations Mark on your retirement! I'm happy to read that you will still be contributing to VATSIM through flying and mentoring.
  7. ZFW is in VATUSA South Central Region.
  8. The update worked for me! I received no warnings and was not disconnected. Thanks Justin!
  9. Figured out my issue. I was concentrating so much on XPlane Graphic Settings I forgot about Nvidia Control Panel. Settings there were overriding XPlane's. I had my AA set in Nvidia Control Panel on 16x. Once I turned control of some settings to XPlane, I was able to fly with only two disconnects while on the ground and with a few warnings. 407 out of 65337 lines were below 20FPS (.69%). My average FPS was 34.8. Weather was better today than yesterday which helped. I notice that I ran into problems when checking charts, looking at Skyvector, reading the airplane manual. Multi taskin
  10. Thanks for the prompt review of my spreadsheet, Justin! I corrected my post above about the number of problem rows. Excel did not sort properly the first time. There were actually 1303 rows below 20 FPS (1.9% of total). Unfortunately most of these were during the descent into cloud cover and while I was looking at charts. Perhaps multitasking while flying is negatively affecting performance. I'll continue to make adjustments and will probably try one of the recommended scripts.
  11. Just sent. It's a 6mb file, so I am not sure if it will be blocked. If you don't receive it let me know.
  12. I just completed another flight between 1720z and 1901z. Weather was overcast with drizzle. I saved data for this flight to Data.Txt. There were 67,275 rows of data. Average FPS was 31.72482366 FPS. 1303 rows were below 20FPS (1.9% of data). In spite of this, I was disconnected five times for low frame rates! I have a Haswell chip and a GTX1070 GPU. My settings were Visual Effects High(HDR), Texture Quality Medium, Antialiasing 2x SSAA+FXAA. I don't consider my system low end. Is it top of the line in 2020 -- probably not. I shouldn't have to plan my flights for clear and
  13. I just completed my flight. I received 14 will disconnect messages and was disconnected 4 times including on short final. My FPS were consistently between 25-40 FPS. On occasion it may have dipped below 20. I can guarantee that the average FPS for this flight was well above 20 FPS 00 even on final. I do agree that if my average during flight was 20 or below that would be an issue. The infrequent times that it dipped below 20 is not enough to cause disconnects. I fly in events and have never had a controller complain about me being too slow. That's because a microsecond below 20FPS
  14. I too am receiving multiple " will automatically disconnect " messages in spite of my FPS being over 30 FPS. On a short 200 nm flight, I received this message three times and was disconnected once. It is very annoying -- especially when my FPS is NOT below 20 FPS.
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