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  1. Congratulations Mark on your retirement! I'm happy to read that you will still be contributing to VATSIM through flying and mentoring.
  2. ZFW is in VATUSA South Central Region.
  3. The update worked for me! I received no warnings and was not disconnected. Thanks Justin!
  4. Figured out my issue. I was concentrating so much on XPlane Graphic Settings I forgot about Nvidia Control Panel. Settings there were overriding XPlane's. I had my AA set in Nvidia Control Panel on 16x. Once I turned control of some settings to XPlane, I was able to fly with only two disconnects while on the ground and with a few warnings. 407 out of 65337 lines were below 20FPS (.69%). My average FPS was 34.8. Weather was better today than yesterday which helped. I notice that I ran into problems when checking charts, looking at Skyvector, reading the airplane manual. Multi taskin
  5. Thanks for the prompt review of my spreadsheet, Justin! I corrected my post above about the number of problem rows. Excel did not sort properly the first time. There were actually 1303 rows below 20 FPS (1.9% of total). Unfortunately most of these were during the descent into cloud cover and while I was looking at charts. Perhaps multitasking while flying is negatively affecting performance. I'll continue to make adjustments and will probably try one of the recommended scripts.
  6. Just sent. It's a 6mb file, so I am not sure if it will be blocked. If you don't receive it let me know.
  7. I just completed another flight between 1720z and 1901z. Weather was overcast with drizzle. I saved data for this flight to Data.Txt. There were 67,275 rows of data. Average FPS was 31.72482366 FPS. 1303 rows were below 20FPS (1.9% of data). In spite of this, I was disconnected five times for low frame rates! I have a Haswell chip and a GTX1070 GPU. My settings were Visual Effects High(HDR), Texture Quality Medium, Antialiasing 2x SSAA+FXAA. I don't consider my system low end. Is it top of the line in 2020 -- probably not. I shouldn't have to plan my flights for clear and
  8. I just completed my flight. I received 14 will disconnect messages and was disconnected 4 times including on short final. My FPS were consistently between 25-40 FPS. On occasion it may have dipped below 20. I can guarantee that the average FPS for this flight was well above 20 FPS 00 even on final. I do agree that if my average during flight was 20 or below that would be an issue. The infrequent times that it dipped below 20 is not enough to cause disconnects. I fly in events and have never had a controller complain about me being too slow. That's because a microsecond below 20FPS
  9. I too am receiving multiple " will automatically disconnect " messages in spite of my FPS being over 30 FPS. On a short 200 nm flight, I received this message three times and was disconnected once. It is very annoying -- especially when my FPS is NOT below 20 FPS.
  10. That's the usual process in VATUSA. The Division does not require ARTCCs to have an activity policy. Most if not all choose to have one. Activity requirements range from 1-3 hours a month. Facilities chose how often to measure (every 30, 60, 90 days). If a member is removed for inactivity, they can request a transfer back into the facility. If the transfer is within six months, they pick up where they left off. If the transfer is between 6-12 months, the member will usually have to go through some sort of informal evaluation process to check for competency. If the transfer is after 12
  11. It is quite clear that you cannot create a local policy, that would restrict a rated controller from controlling a position in an area for which they are qualified. The CoR is not local policy. Facilities are given the authority to establish currency requirements from the Regional Director. The CoR gives the Regional Director authority to establish rules to ensure a ATC coverage. This has absolutely nothing to do with the GRP. “ Provision of ATC Services: A Regional Director shall ensure that his or her division puts into place policies and staff which result in the widest possible
  12. That authority per VATSIM Code of Regulations 3.05 is delegated to the Regional Directors.
  13. In my opinion you are saying meet the hours or get removed. I don’t agree with the sport analogy, because people have breaks etc and still come back. As a adult educator, I don’t agree with time = competency. What about driving a car? Driving a boat? There are numerous things which don’t require collection of hours to allow future operation. I respect that divisions are authorised to restrict access by controllers based on their hours, I don’t agree with it. By saying “We don’t want you controlling unless you can do three hours every month!” I think you are excluding a lot of members,
  14. Playing organized sports is a hobby too. Even though it’s a hobby, players are expected to attend practice and show up for the games. There’s no difference between that and our currency requirements. Controllers are not the only ones with currency requirements. Pilots in many virtual airlines have them too. Our hobby depends on participation. Facilities are required to put their Administrative Policies online in front of a p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word for public viewing thereby giving potential members the opportunity to view currency requirements before making a commitment. In VATNA,
  15. Currency requirements are established at the subdivision level. If the busiest facility on the network doesn’t have currency requirements, that’s their prerogative. VATSIM is a simulation. An effective simulation benefits from proper ATC and pilot execution. For most that requires frequent practice of skills — regular currency.
  16. ARTCC Training Staffs pour a ton of human capital into training students. Do students believe that ARTCC Training Staffs go through the effort just to transfer knowledge and call it a day? They train students so they can contribute on the network by manning ATC positions while providing quality service. Virtual controllers provide a service to virtual pilots by simulating ATC. Pilots fly on the network to interact with quality ATC. Do controllers really believe they can maintain quality by controlling once or twice a year? Is controlling on the network an hour or three a month too much t
  17. VATSIM Germany Statistics page has that information.
  18. Great post Noel! Mani Manigault Air Traffic Director VATUSA - Northeastern Region
  19. I use the Zibo Mod B738. It does have SIDS/STARS and all the approaches.
  20. I agree. It would require a GRP re-write. Yes, once you are fully certed, you are fully certed. What percentage of our controllers do you believe participate in events? Based on my experience, a minority amount. That's why we have an ACE Team; it's hard to adequately staff for events a lot of times. Not everyone wants to participate in events, yet we are forced to test to that level. I believe event level competency needs to be separated from Business as Usual competency. It would be siniliar to off peak/on peak ratings.
  21. I've always thought that it would be helpful to have a full certification to measure competency/proficiency and an events certification where you could test for handling high levels of traffic. To keep the events certification you would be required to work a certain number of events per year to maintain event currency. Many ARTCCs have overload tests because they want to be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ured that a Controller can work high levels of traffic before awarding the full certification.
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