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  1. So the problem is that there isn't enough people to provide adequate en-route services across VATUSA. Am I understanding that correctly? If so, then wouldn't it seem logical to try to determine exactly why that is? Is it because lack of instructors? Lack of new students? Morale? Inefficiencies in the training process? When you really step back and look at it, what is the core issue(s) that we are dealing with here? Once that determination is made, shouldn't we try to fix the problem at hand, as opposed to simply creating what appears to be a band-aid solution to a much bigger problem?
  2. You know, a part of me says to just ignore topics like this and just walk away from it. I mean after all, I did quit almost a year ago, but this is always going to be something so dear to my heart, I can't help but interject...so just in case someone may be wondering WHY i keep posting about training related issues in the US division..that's why.
  3. That seems to be the way of some students these days, the question is, did you spoon feed them the information? I hope not If the student isn't willing to learn, the instructor should not be willing to teach. Spoon feeding to students not only is a major waste of ARTCC resources, it's also creating bad habits and reinforcing negative behavior, which will only continue to get worse as time goes on. Maybe students don't want to read the TRC because it's poorly written? Maybe there isn't enough video/pictures/audio to keep their interest? Maybe their just lazy. We can't do anything abou
  4. I think that it's not so much the academy that would help, but if you took the ideas and goals from the academy and implemented in the individual ARTCCs, I think that would help with the situation. I don't know much the division was helped by the TRC because I don't have access to the statistics. I do know that after talking to TAs who have inclusively used the TRC (or some other varient of web-based training, which was the MAIN goal of the TRC to begin with, and should not be forgotten), they have mentioned that used a web-based training system has DRASTICALLY improved student knowledge
  5. The idea is tossed around just about every year, and the general response is that it will not happen. It's not necessarily a general consensus, because if you went around and polled all VATUSA TAs, I think most would probably say yes to re-opening the academy. But at this point it is very clear that it will not be reopened anytime soon. At the last Training Department meeting i had (granted, almost a year ago), this was discussed, and of the people in attendance (I wanna say 40+ but there were at least 30 people there), they collectively agreed that the academy, despite the best intenti
  6. I never forced the training, but promoted as much as I could. Listen, if something is wrong in the TRC there are around 60 different people in the division who can fix it. Every TA, ATM, DATM, VATUSA Staff had (granted, this was when I was USA3, almost a year ago) access to edit any of the pages on the TRC. They have to be approved by the upper USA staff (1,2,3) before they will be public, but that was a safety measure. The whole point behind the wiki, was so that it did not get outdated like the previous USA Training material. I sincerely hope that that is not the case.
  7. Matthew, I've sent you a PM. To anyone else who's interested, here is a list of features that we are thinking of implementing. It's a living docomeent for now, but I am interested in any feedback of course. https://docs.google.com/docomeent/edit?id=11CUolfTHEN3WkO4H2AnSau_3dpcmOHGOZL6yGdmQXak&hl=en -Mike
  8. Hey there everyone! So I was thinking about making a custom web application that [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ists ARTCCs/FIRs in the tracking of training sessions/scheduling and that sort of thing. Something that will be easy to use, easy to integrate into existing websites and most importantly useful to the ARTCC/FIR. Is there anyone willing/wanting to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in this? What features would you consider important or useful to aid the individual training departments? What about a language recommendation? My first instinct was to use Ruby on Rails to develop it, but RoR
  9. This is something i'd LOVE to see but unfortunately I lack the software programming experience to help. If there is any other ways I can be of help though, please don't hesitate to ask.
  10. At this time I am pleased to announce that with the finishing of the C1 material earlier today, all of the VATUSA Training Material has been updated and is in compliance with the VATUSA Rating Guidelines. In the coming weeks, we will begin working on the advanced guides and will release those as they are finished. If you see any procedural/grammatical mistakes while reviewing the new material, please send me an email at [email protected] A huge thanks goes out to all the individuals who helped with the development of the basic guides.
  11. The VATUSA Training Department has released the new Training Resource Center (S3) Study Guide. This guide is located on the VATUSA Training Resource Center (http://training.vatusa.net) and replaces the current S3 guide that was currently in place. A special thanks to the University of North Dakota for them allowing us to utilize their UND ATCast videos, and all those who [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isted and helped in the development of the new material.
  12. The new S1/S2 guides have been placed on the site. A HUGE thanks to Ken Hammond of ZKC, Harold Rutila of ZDV and Charles Rizzi of ZMA for all their hard work in helping me get this material released!
  13. With the posting by Andrew in the other thread in regards to the IT department, I figured I will take the time to post here to give everyone an idea on where VATUSA is headed in the Training Department, particularly with one of the major projects currently underway: The Training Resource Center. As most of you know, VATUSA, with the new website, has released a new training site known as the Training Resource Center. It has a couple of main goals which i'll list below * Improved Training Material - When Jon Standley came out with the new Basic ATC guide, it was a great! It took the com
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