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  1. Well also remember they removed one of the VATSIM servers so all that traffic that usually connected to that server has obviously been absorbed by the remaining three USA servers. Think of these servers just like an IRC connection....once too many people are on the server and it can't keep up with the bandwidth it has....it will split. The VATSIM servers really are no different. It was just a very busy night for pilots and for ATC alike. My suggestion.....if all possible....reinstate the VATSIM server that was removed to help out with the traffic. JMHO.
  2. I just recently graduated from the Academy a week ago Friday and would like to dispel alot of the rumors as well as enlighten us more on what the Academy had to offer: 1) The only thing I knew about ATC is the directions I heard while flying. Basically it was like "Repeat what you hear, obey what is said, and everything is cream cheese". But after joining the Academy, I learned there is just so much more to ATC than what I originally thought. Like Clearance Delivery....who would have thought there would be so many things to check before actually giving an aircraft that hasn't even push
  3. Thanks a bunch for the graphic, Michael. Something else to show appreciation for the academy personnel and students
  4. Thanks for the replies. I am hoping to soon graduate hopefully in the next couple weeks. As a matter of fact, I am going to go ahead and let my teacher know I am ready to prepare for the ground test. I really enjoy this and appreciate the time and effort each of you put into this. Thanks again.
  5. I am currently a student in the academy preparing to take a pre-test before going on to the stage check/test part of Ground Operations and have p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed my stage check for Delivery and Basic ATC. With this rating, am I allowed to do delivery live on VATSIM or do I have to wait until I leave the academy and join an ARTCC? Thanks
  6. Congratulations Thomas....I'm a fellow academy member myself. Hope to be graduating very soon myself. The academy is a wonderful idea and my mentor (Jason Sutton) has done very well in both aiding me and challenging me. Again, a big congrats to you Thomas.
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