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  1. Hello everyone, I have gathered some time flying on VATSIM over the last year (approximately 60 hours), however, I still consider myself a newbie. For some time there has been one issue bothering me, and I am hardly able to find an answer for it online. It is the difference between "normal" SID / STAR procedures provided within the charts and the RNAV SID / STAR procedures, choosing the correct equipment suffix for the aircraft I fly with, in order to let the controller know if I am able to proceed via FMC or I need vectors, and eventually how to know which procedure to use. I will show a real example beneath, to easily elaborate what is interesting me the most. I mostly fly Aerosoft's A320 / A321 Extended (not the Profesional version which has complete SID / STAR support) Steam Version on FSX. My most recent VATSIM flight plan was from LDDU to ULLI. Now here is where my confusion begins. LDDU within its charts has listed two types of SID and STAR procedures: just SID / STAR and RNAV SID / STAR. I am able to enter only "normal" SID / STAR procedures into my Aerosoft's A320 FMC, but I am not, however, able to choose any of the RNAV procedures listed within the charts. Arriving into ULLI, I saw that according to its charts, it is only possible to initiate approach via RNAV STAR procedures and that if the aircraft does not have GNSS equipment on board, it needs to request vectoring from ATC, or in case of high traffic density might even be denied to enter the controlled airspace... That wasn't the issue as there was no active ATC at the time so I flew in manually under UNICOM. In my FMC I was able to enter STAR procedures that are even not on the charts anymore, assuming that my FMC has old AIRAC cycle data installed, as even the numbers of SIDs & STARs are mismatching, and the last waypoint of my flight plan, also beginning of the STAR didn't exist, and I had to enter it manually by coordinates. I am mostly interested into what is the correct equipment suffix according to VATSIM's table below for my aircraft so that the controller will know I need vectoring to final when arriving into an airport that has only RNAV procedures listed within its charts. According to my newbie understanding, my Aerosoft A320X should be able to keep RVSM during flight and it does have Transponder with Mode C (please correct me if I am wrong). Now, does the aircraft's ability to execute only normal SID / STAR procedures, but not RNAV SID / STAR procedures mean it DOES have RNAV, but DOESN'T have GNSS - in that case, correct suffix would be Z, or it DOESN'T have any of these - in which case the correct suffix would be W or am I perhaps understanding this completely wrong and it is another equipment that I have onboard? Will the controller even recognize this himself, or do I have to request vectoring when contacting him? Secondly, as mentioned above, I am however able to enter non-existing waypoints into my FMC, meaning that technically, I could manually enter designated STAR's waypoints by coordinates into my FMC with all the corresponding altitude and speed restrictions. However, as taught by VATSIM's training, since I mostly fly in Europe, I should choose the correct landing RWY and arrival route or STAR just before initiating descend (before descent preparation checklist, as it requests reviewing landing data). This "manual STAR entry" is time-consuming, and could mean that by the time I enter it completely, active landing runway may have already changed, and then I can't just click another STAR within my FMC as I could if I would have had RNAV GNSS onboard, but have to instead enter everything again, as some airports, like the above mentioned ULLI, have different RNAV STARs for different runways. Could this manual RNAV SID / STAR entry be feasible and doable, or should I just ask for vectoring with a risk of being denied entry into controlled airspace and be told to turn around? Thank you all for your time and understanding reading and reviewing my question, and please correct me if I am wrong somewhere in understanding this topic. I appreciate any help you could provide me. Thanks a lot once again, and have a nice day 😀
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