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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there! I've recently started doing small VFR circuits in VATSIM, and I'm planning on going for an IFR flight. My only question is: - I generally stay in a room where it might be a bit noisy (people talking in the background), so I do not know if it's allowed to use VATSIM while in a bit of a noisy room, as I don't always have an option where I could be in a completely quite room. I try to not ruin the experience as much as I can, so any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Yassin.
  2. So after my latest sabbatical I decided it was time to come back to VATSIM and FS and bought the CRJ for FS2020. I then shook the rust off with the default AI-based ATC and took several test flights. I then loaded up vPilot and tried to set the PTT button to "button 1" on the Alpha yoke (the white left trigger button). I noticed, however, that the PTT option would quickly grab a number of other "buttons" from the Bravo throttle quadrant, but managed to get it set to Alpha button 1. Then I connected to VATSIM and found a controller working San Diego Ground and tuned to his frequency. He immediately reported back that I had a hot mic even though I wasn't pressing any button, let alone button 1. I tried several different things and reloaded vPilot and FS2020 each time to no avail. As soon as I'd connect to his frequency he'd report that my mic was open. Any ideas on what's going on? First I thought it might be Lorby's Axis and O's as it was setup with a script to animate the PTT button in the CRJ so I removed that functionality entirely (bummer). After that it was just me trying different hot keys. No luck.
  3. Hi folks, Newbie here after long flight simming absence trying to get back into VATSIM. Got everything working but can't be heard by ATC or other pilots. FS9, FSUIPC, swift (32 bit), Windows 10. I have tried at a few locations on the ground at a ramp and can communicate via text messages but not voice. Can hear ATC and other pilots and see other aircraft. Mic is working as per test in both Windows and swift loopback test. I don't know much about AFV but noticed that it is not cross coupled when I look at the list of available ATC stations. See screenshot from an attempt tonight to contact KBOS Ground. PTT button is assigned on joystick and does light up in swift GUI when pressed. Appreciate if any one has any thoughts on what is preventing me from using voice comm with ATC. TIA, Dave
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