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Found 7 results

  1. When I tune frequencies I cant hear anything, the RX light does not light up. I am able to get the TX to light up, just to see if it works. The following popped up while launching vPilot. Do I need to have voices turned on in MSFS?
  2. Can it be made possible to control the volume with the radios in the Fenix A320 and actually turn it off, please? (w/ vPilot)
  3. Hello There !!On behalf of Luxury Airways Virtual I'd like to inform you all about the VA. Luxury Airways Has A Wide Flight Network From 3 Hubs In the UK operating flights to Destinations In Europe and transcontinental routes to major American airports. Using the new Phpvms7 and our Personal Tracking software LUXCars ( the new Smartcars 3 when Released ) to record and track your flights, We currently use phpvms's VMSAcars for Tracking until the new Software is ready to use.We're solely focussed on the operations of our airline as it's at the heart of what we do and are always looking out for new Pilots. we also have a wide range of Aircraft From the Saab 340 to the 747 and 787 Dreamliner using P3Dv4/5 MSFS2020 and X-Plane11 and soon X-Plane 12. Feel free to take a look for yourself at our homepage over at https://luxuryairways.co.uk/ and register for our Phpvms7 System, You can also talk to us on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/6d5yCuswvJ.
  4. After updating the latest version of vPilot(v3.4.7), the first several flights are all OK. But when I was on short final of KBOS on my Fenix A320 in MSFS, the ATC told me that he lost my radar contact. I've restarted my simulator and vPilot, and tried other aircrafts like PMDG B737-800, however nothing changed. I can hear the voice from ATCs and other pilots (and they can hear me loud and clear as well), but the ATC said he can't see me anyway on radar, and I cannot find myself on SimAware - Real-Time VATSIM Flight Tracking neither. Also I cann't see other traffic as well (I guess they cann't see me as well).
  5. Hello, my MSFS starts lagging after connecting to VATSIM via vPilot. This does not have anything to do with my previous post, I have solved the problem from there, which ended up not being caused by vPilot. Ive did a flight after fixing it, on the 28th Sep, and it went perfectly. The issue from that post also did not affect my FPS, just the aircraft model - Here it does affect my FPS, and by quite a bit. Here is all the Info Ive gathered about the problem at hand: The lag starts right after a vPilot connection is initiated and stops right after disconnection The problem did not occur on the 28th September, but it did on the 2nd of October, inbetween those 2 dates I have not changed anything in MSFS - Ive installed no addons, Ive changed no settings [I am pretty sure WU11 was issued in the time though, if it was we have a starting point for fixing the issue] When disabling aircraft in the setting (that is setting Maximum aircraft displayed to 0), the simulator starts stuttering a bit which did not happen [on flights] before [this one] - so I dont think the problem fully lies on aircraft rendering When aircraft are enabled in the setting (that is setting Maximum aircraft displayed to >0), the simulator starts lagging and stuttering quite a lot which also did not happen [on flights] before [this one] On both of those occasions the only major change when looking at the MSFS Dev FPS Display, outside of the FPS itself, seems to be a lot more red lines on the FPS Line Graph which Im assuming means more dropped frames The lag seems not to occur when the outside world is NOT in view - so the FPS stays normal (compared to vPilot disconnected) when the camera is fully facing a part of the aircraft cockpit (ex. Overhead Panel) The lag does not seem to be dependent on the aircraft (tested with B737, B747 and A320), even though the 737 seems to be the most affected - but that could be a cause of its FPS being lower in general in comparison to other aircraft The lag is not dependent on the airport, it is observed whether I spawn at a small, big, addon, premium or default airport I have tried emptying my Community folder to no luck I have not had any programs (outside of the ones in the background, that I also had open on every other flight session) open during the testing Nothing stands out when looking at the Task Manager - when vPilot is connected there is only a small change in the CPU Usage, there doesnt seem to be a memory leak... The CPU and GPU Usage of MSFS2020 also seem to be unaffected by it (kind of hard to tell for GPU though because it already hovers in the high 90s area), and in general the stats given in Task Manager seem to be similar for both as they were on previous flights
  6. Im having a problem with the 737 (maybe even all aircraft, not confirmed) Since SU10, I did 4 flights. 2 offline, they went perfectly, 2 on VATSIM (with vPilot) and they did not to say the least. My FPS stays the same but basically the aircraft model itself gets laggy - turning knobs is slow, all the levers and buttons are slow (in the sense that the animations are slowed down or laggy), engines are unresponsive (they do respond but very slowly), the pushback tug is slow regardless of the speed being set to high.... I had to quit both flights after pushback when I realized that its not just the buttons but rather the engines as well - I was following the same checklist for all 4 flights, so it cant be my fault. Could it be a problem with vPilot like I suspect it to be, or is it the PMDG 737, or the FS itself maybe? Does anyone else have the same problem? Its not that great that I had to cancel 2 VATSIM flights even though I put more than an hour of prep before disconnecting. Ill stop flying on VATSIM until I find a solution so that I dont waste the time of the controllers, any help is appreciated.
  7. Hey guys! I’m quite new to VATSIM and recently started not long ago, and there’s an issue that I’ve been facing using the MSFS2020 simulator in conjunction with vPilot. This is an issue in MSFS2020 that has been reported by quite a number of players but has yet to be resolved, any guidance on how to proceed would be much appreciated. MSFS has a function where you can load a flight plan from Simbrief/Navigraph or other sources before your flight, and all the fixes + SIDs + STARs will be automatically loaded into the FMC of your aircraft upon your spawn. The problem is that this automatic loading of your flight plan will spawn your aircraft on the runway (which, of course isn’t allowed on the VATSIM servers). However, whenever you select to spawn at a parking space (like a ramp etc) before your flight, MSFS will automatically change your flight plan with a randomised list of waypoints. Essentially, you can only fly your original planned route if you spawn on a runway, and choosing a parking spot would erase this original route and a randomised route would be generated by the simulator. This makes it quite difficult to fly my preplanned routes unless I spawn on the runway directly (which isn’t allowed). I’ve tried spawning on the runway (with my original preplanned route) and taxiing to a ramp before connecting to the server, however this doesn’t seem to solve this issue as MSFS will interpret this action as a takeoff (sort of) and so cold starts and pushback services don’t work as intended (to the best of my knowledge). Looking for any VATSIM users who use it in conjunction with MSFS2020. Any ideas on how to solve this would be much appreciated. Thanks very much!
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