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Found 5 results

  1. I use a Logitech G935 headset with the express purpose of being able to control wirelessly. It has 3 buttons on the side that I can set to function as any key that I choose, or a macro, or other options. I have my AfV PTT key set as Right Control, and I have a button on my headset trigger Right Control whenever I press it. This used to work as a PTT button when I was AFK (say, in another room to grab a glass of water or something, I could step away for 30 seconds without announcing such on freq and still be able to respond immediately). Somewhere along the way, this broke. It still works for Discord (our ARTCC uses Discord, we moved away from TS3), but it doesn't seem to work for AfV any more. I just need a way to be able to key my microphone using my headset. Any help would be appreciated. Running Windows 10.
  2. Hello y'all I know there is already a future request for this but mine is a bit different. Since you can operate on two different frequencies on vatsim (e.g. opening up a _DEP freq when you are logged in as _APP) it would be usefull to have a secondary PPT for the other frequency. If you operate two different frequencies and you transmit, you transmit to both frequencies. With a second PPT you can choose on wich one you want to transmit. IMO this would make it much more realistic for both pilots and ATC! Yoran Willocx S3 controller
  3. Let me preface this with I am not a computer guy - I bought my first PC, just to build a flight simulator to keep current and practice skills as I go through flight school for more certifications. So with that being said, I'm NOT TECHNICAL with the computer stuff. The main problem: I fell like I've downloaded everything and am connected to the network, but I can't get my PTT button to work. I don't know if thats the Alpha Flight controls having an issue or something else. IF I can get that to work, the next problem I'm having is figuring out where I can find an ATC controller to talk to. It seems like nobody is doing ATC out of the Salt Lake City area, but maybe I'm not looking in the right spot.
  4. My PTT (push to talk) has not been working.I setup X pilot and I can hear the ATC perfectly but they cant hear me. I know its not my mics fault as when I go in to settings in windows the test your microphone is going up and down. I've set PTT in x plane 11 keyboard shortcuts to j and PTT to j. I do not know what to do ??
  5. Hey, hear me even though I'm not pressing PTT. How do I make sure they do not hear me when I do not press the PTT button?
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