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Found 3 results

  1. Dear VATMENA Members, It is with profound sorrow that I announce, on behalf of Ahmed Yehia and myself, that we have resigned from our positions as VATMENA1 and VATMENA2, respectively and effective immediately. Although we are sad to leave the divisional staff team, we believe that this is the right time for us to step down from the divisional leadership, hoping to allow the chance for new blood to inject new ideas into the division, ensuring its sustainability. When Ahmed and I were recruited into the divisional management team, almost 15 months ago, the division faced many problems. We have since prioritised these problems and set high targets for the division to achieve over the next 12 month. We have started with a team made of a divisional director and deputy director only, but have now reached an 8-members divisional team, all working hard to implement the best services to VATSIM members. We updated the whole of the divisional policy and updated the CPT and INS policies and procedures to make sure that all examinations are fair and of the same level across the whole division. We have also overseen the planning of a new version of the popular VATMENA Cross the Land event, which came out more successfully than any of us imagined. Also recently, we have struck an agreement with VATSAF and the region to acquire and run almost ten new vACCs from the defunct VATNAF division. We have faced many hurdles, but have navigated through them successfully with the help of the strong divisional team. Simon Irvine, VATEMEA1, has accepted our resignation earlier today, and as said before, we are sad to leave, but we believe its the right decision. Chriss Klosowski has been chosen by ourselves and the region to become acting/interim Divisional Director until the VATEMEA region completes the recruitment process of a new DD. Ahmed and I will continue to be available to reach on [email protected] & [email protected], respectively, and we are happy to help in the future as needed. Wishing you blue skies always, Ahmed Radwan
  2. Today the divisional staff has accepted the resignation of John Koranteng as our membership director, John will officially vacate his position on the 30th of September. Since joining in the start of the year, John has helped us achieve many milestones and helped us attain a positive and reputable outlook towards our community and the network. John has helped us achieve more goals between divisions, events and our signature bi-annual event Cross the Land. John has also helped us elevate our standards and organization for the division to make sure that everything was in order. Please join me in thanking John for all he has done and we hope to see you around on the network!
  3. Nelis Coetzee tendered his resignation to me today as VATSAF1 due to personal reasons and commitments in his personal life. I would like to thank Nelis for the work he has done for VATSAF and I wish him well for the future. VATSAF2 Wesley Blaine will be acting as SAF1 until a pernament Director is found. Thank you Wesley for stepping up.
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