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Found 5 results

  1. Example:Vfr tour, ifr tour, business jet tour, airline tour, vintage jet tour, vintage prop tour, cargo tour, helicopter tour, glider tour, ultralight tour, long haul tour,
  2. Hi! tl;dr Please add keyboard shortcuts such as zoom in (NUM+) and zoom out (NUM-). I'd like to suggest a feature, quite a simple one I believe, which is to add keyboard shortcuts. My mouse's scroll wheel is acting up I learned there's no ability to zoom in and out with the +/- keys on the numpad (nor those on the alphanumeric part of the keyboard). Maybe I've missed something? Is there any other way to zoom in/out apart from using the mouse? Well, zooming in can be done with the mouse; zooming out is the hard part. Is it something that is being considered or maybe will be now? Perhaps there are more shortcuts that could be useful. PS. I'd like to express my utmost appreciation to the creator of this application! I use it all the time while flying on VATSIM! Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi Vatsim-Team, i've recently been talking with my friends about how nice it would be, to have a FollowMe Car on the Vatsim-Servers, driven by Pilots especially at larger Airports. I know how all of the modellmatching works and that kind of stuff, but I've seen aircrafts that are actually Cars on YouTube (f.e. in X-Plane 11 // Link down below) If there would be an FollowMe Car Modell integrated into the CSL-Packages or Bluebell packages, this could actually work, could it? Ground Controllers could tell FollowMe Cars on frequencies to guide aircrafts which f.e. request a progressive taxi on the Airports Ground and also be helping newbies which are new to Vatsim and the sometimes complex taxi instructions by controllers. I know there would be a few people interested in doing that kind of stuff and I think it would enhance the Vatsim experience even more ^^ Just an Idea, what is your opinion? Cardriving in Xplane 11:
  4. Hi there, I am interested in making a virtual airport for flyers on the VATSIM NETWORK. What I mean by this is, using history and a few other things to make an airports website but virtually. ie: real website: https://spokaneairports.net Virtual Site: https://vatsim-spokane.weebly.com I would make it look like a real airports website, but would like to link VATSIM things to it like downloads for pilots, atc, etc. I am looking at adding a departures and arrivals stat for LIVE VATSIM users but I am not sure if I can. Please let me know if I can use the VATSIM Name and Logo on my website along with the resources. Thanks! -Eric
  5. An overlay of the current frequency chat would be good (transparent or user chosen bg) for traffic awareness without constantly having to alt-tab, for people with one monitor.
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