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Found 3 results

  1. VATMENA is currently recruiting a Deputy Technical Director . This role reports to the Division Technical Director (VATMENA6) and primarily involves the management of the technical team and its ongoing projects. However may also include development of new services along with maintenance and upgrades of existing web services. Deputy Divisional Technical Director (VATMENA61) Responsible to: Divisional Technical Director (VATMENA6) Responsible for: Department Oversight. Technical Project Management. The Deputy Technical Director is responsible for development and management of all VATMENA information systems under the VATMENA Technica. This is includes but is not limited to all websites, databases, communications services and applications. They are responsible for hiring and overseeing the management of the VATMENA Technical Team along with the Divisional Technical Director. The Deputy Technical Director reports to the VATMENA Technical Director. The duties are not limited to those described below. Requirements: Thorough knowledge of PHP 7 or newer, MySQL/MongoDB databases, and Git & GitHub (including branching, merging, pull requests) Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap with basic knowledge of Javascript Proficiency with server side languages such as PHP Familiar with JSON, AJAX, & REST APIs Knowledge of utilizing CLI and managing an Ubuntu server Ability to effectively lead in a team environment Candidate will be required to transfer to the VATMENA Division if not already a VATMENA home controller The Deputy Technical Director position requires a sometimes significant time commitment each month Candidate required to be a minimum of 18 years old Responsibilities of the VATMENA Deputy Technical Director (VATMENA61): Responsible for all operations associated with the VATMENA Technical Team alongside the Divisional Technical Director Responsible for the hiring of Developers Assists the Technical Director in the day-to-day status of VATMENA Technical Infrastracture Assists in the development and execution of division projects Maintains an online presence on the VATMENA Discord Attends periodic meetings to report on the status of VATMENA information systems and to stay abreast of VATMENA & VATSIM issues and policies Applications should be sent to [email protected] to include the position for which you are applying in the subject line. The body of the email should include your name, VATSIM ID, your rating (Excluding Administrative Ratings) and a short VATSIM CV indicating previous experience as appropriate. Applications will remain open until the position is filled.
  2. Join the pilots of Liberty Virtual Airlines as we welcome our newest hub, Banjul International Airport (GBYD) with a fly in from our main hub in Monrovia, Liberia (GLRB). Banjul International airport is located 23 km from Banjul (capital) at Yundum & it is the Gambia's only airport. It used to be one of the emergency landing sites for the NASA shuttle. The airport was originally a World War II Allied airfield which served as a port of call for Allied naval convoys and an air stopover for the U.S. Army Air Corps. Its runway of 3600 meters allows the landing of long-haul flights from around the world. Take off from GLRB in your airframe of choice and plan to arrive in Banjul at or around 21:00z. IFR Route: GLRB TEKTO UB600 KOMOR GBYD https://libertyva.org/
  3. Hi all, We're excited to invite you to the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region discord server! We hope to bring the community together by allowing members from across the region and the world to discuss together topics of our daily life on the network, get notified of events, share screenshots and get and provide support, be that technical support, training help or something else. Feel free to join us at https://vats.im/emea/discord 😄
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