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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, When I log on to VatSys and listen in on ATC (just observing for now), I notice that the transmitting (when pilots and controllers talk) is very choppy. I have tried to see which server has the best ping, I tried downloading the standalone AFV, but that just seemed to worsen things. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I should do? Or does anybody know what the issue is? Thanks, Pepijn Colenbrander
  2. Hello! Recently, I have been attempting to connect to the network, but I noticed that I cannot hear any audio. I have tried swapping out audio devices, trying all sorts of combinations for output selections, reinstalling the clients, and even wiping all of the system settings, and drivers. I can hear other audio played on my computer, such as notifications, perfectly fine, and members advise me through text that they can hear me perfectly on frequency. However, I cannot hear anything, nor does the "RX" Light on either client light up. I'm not sure what exactly is going on, and
  3. Dear, AFV's developer could you please.. please.. please.. allows us to resize the AFV window, like the vPilot client. I am using a 21:9 ultrawide display, with 125% scale zoom due to viewing distance. PS: By using the 125% scale on a 21:9 display allow the desktop's icons, text and programs look similar in the size of 16:9, you can think of 25% more working space environment on a normal 16:9 display. The program doesn't resize itself accordingly. I have to restart my PC to change that (back to 100%) back and forth every time I use Euroscrope with AFV. It is quite painful for me
  4. I've been connected to VATSIM. However, my AFV seems couldn't detect any active VATSIM Connection. Tried every server on the ES still no joy. I've ticked all necessary boxes in the voice communication setup. I've checked VATSIM server status it says All Systems Operational. I don't know what went wrong, perhaps if anyone could help me rectify the issue I encountered just now. Logged in today around 0700z.
  5. Hello, I get this error when AFV start... When I click Continue Everything works well instead of RX/TS indicator stay with red X when connected ... Any solutions ? I tried to re-install ... no success There's the complete message of the exception : Consultez la fin de ce message pour plus de détails sur l'appel du débogage juste-à-temps (JIT) à la place de cette boîte de dialogue. ************** Texte de l'exception ************** System.NullReferenceException: La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet. à MetroFramework.Metr
  6. Hey guys and girls, I am a controller down at Memphis on Vatsim. Recently i bought a new headset the Corsair HS50(wired). My mic is calibrated on my PC. Fellow controllers on Teamspeak can hear me just fine. When i hop on VRC, I connect, and the go to AFV Client and connect there. Everything connects fine. When i key up on frequency it just sounds HORRIBLE. When i go to the old VRC audio, i try to calibrate my mic just to see if it is an AFV issue and it still souns terrible there. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both VRC and AFV. I am using VRC Version 1.2.6 and AFV Version 1.8.1. I
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