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Found 2 results

  1. The other day during a flight I got within 10nm of another aircraft and saw them out the window. I called them to say I had them visual and got a reply that they had me on radar. I know this is probably aircraft specific, but it got me wondering if there is add on software available to see other aircraft on radar at a greater range...... Vatsim or AI. Does anyone know? 🙂
  2. Hi folks, very newbie here wanting to understand what the primary aircraft types that Vatsim is focused on; what type of pilot. Is it primarily heavies or are there also GAs? As a fairly new XP11 pilot, I’m flying twin engine prop and jets and wanting to stay that way for quite some time, especially as I go through PTD training. Which brings up my second question. I’m on the West Coast of US and want to go through that training. Any recommendations on which ATCC I should use? Thanks , Brian
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