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Found 4 results

  1. So I have 3 radar displays. One for center, 2 airport. Aircrafts on my main airport radar look like this Aircrafts on the radar from the other airport and center look like this. does anybody know how to make the aircrafts on my main one look like the ones on the other 2? In case that was confusing, I basically want my aircrafts to change from this to this (including aircraft tag) Tags start looking like this then when i double click the tag it looks like this and when my mouse hovers over it is looks like this Thanks, Pepijn (congratulations if you understand what i just said haha)
  2. I can't see other live aircrafts ever since I reinstalled X Plane and XSB. I re-installed everything mid-November 2020 on my M1 MacBook Pro, and I also got BlueBell CSL. Instead, AI aircraft loads up on stands. I can't see any on my TCAS either.
  3. The other day during a flight I got within 10nm of another aircraft and saw them out the window. I called them to say I had them visual and got a reply that they had me on radar. I know this is probably aircraft specific, but it got me wondering if there is add on software available to see other aircraft on radar at a greater range...... Vatsim or AI. Does anyone know? 🙂
  4. Hi folks, very newbie here wanting to understand what the primary aircraft types that Vatsim is focused on; what type of pilot. Is it primarily heavies or are there also GAs? As a fairly new XP11 pilot, I’m flying twin engine prop and jets and wanting to stay that way for quite some time, especially as I go through PTD training. Which brings up my second question. I’m on the West Coast of US and want to go through that training. Any recommendations on which ATCC I should use? Thanks , Brian
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