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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm encountering a very disturbing problem with Vpilot. Indeed it is impossible for me to hear the ATC at any frequency. (ATIS, GROUND, TOWER, APP, CTR). Nevertheless they can hear me. However I launch the application in administrator mode. I have the latest version. My audio input and output parameters are correct. I am well connected to the voice server. I don't get any error message. The selected frequency is displayed in cyan. The TX indicator lights up well when I use the PTT. However, the RX LED never lights up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application twice. The sound parameters are correctly set in Windows as well. All my drivers are up to date, Windows too. On the forums I could read that some of them managed to solve the problem by allowing Vpilot to pass the firewall. So that's what I did but it doesn't work either. I've done almost all the solutions on the forums there is nothing to do. I've watched a lot of explanatory videos as well. So I'm relying on you to help me find a solution to this problem. Thank you
  2. I had an enjoyable flight from Albany to Providence in the Dash-8 Q400 last night, thanks to some amazing virtual ATC. vPilot worked very well, but I had one issue: I could not adjust the audio volume via my aircraft VHF radio. I set an appropriate volume in Windows and vPilot settings, but I wanted to make it lower during times I needed to "talk" to my virtual FS2Crew first officer. Turning the volume knob had zero effect wither way. In comparison, I keep VHF2tuned to ActiveSky ATIS, and simply turn up the volume knob when I want to hear the ATIS report, and back down when done. The volume knob for VHF1 has no effect when tuned to an active VATSIM voice control frequency. Thus I struggle to hear the first officer during checklists and such, as the channel vox traffic drowns him out. Is this a Majestic Q400 issue, a vPilot issue, or a VATSIM audio framework issue? Any solutions? Thanks! Scott
  3. Let me preface this with I am not a computer guy - I bought my first PC, just to build a flight simulator to keep current and practice skills as I go through flight school for more certifications. So with that being said, I'm NOT TECHNICAL with the computer stuff. The main problem: I fell like I've downloaded everything and am connected to the network, but I can't get my PTT button to work. I don't know if thats the Alpha Flight controls having an issue or something else. IF I can get that to work, the next problem I'm having is figuring out where I can find an ATC controller to talk to. It seems like nobody is doing ATC out of the Salt Lake City area, but maybe I'm not looking in the right spot.
  4. Hello, I use VPilot on FS2020 and sometimes I cannot hear ATC/traffic and ATC cannot hear me on certain frequencies. I.E. I can communicate with tower but cannot communicate with departure when I switch over. I have my frequencies set correctly and VPilot shows I'm transmitting on the correct frequency yet I do not hear controllers or pilots and they cannot hear me. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks for the help.
  5. Repost because the original post is no longer available. EuroSounds is a contemporary update package to replace the original sounds in the Euroscope ATC Client. Each of the high quality, original sounds in the package have been custom engineered in order to make Euroscope feel even more immersive and realistic than ever before. (Yes, including the start-up sound 😃) Like to learn more? View installation instructions and a demo video here.
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