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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings everyone, Santo Domingo FIR is seeking to fill some key roles. Currently, we are seeking to a new Deputy Air Traffic Manager and a Training Administrator. Positions will remain available until full and this post will be updated at that time. Position details and requirements below. Deputy Air Traffic Manager The DATM is second in charge of the facility. Responsible for the administration of the facility roster. Monitors the state of the FIR. Supervises general staff roles with the exception of the training team. Works with the team on development and roll out of all major projects. Reports directly to the ATM. Training Administrator The TA has full oversight of the training program. Responsible for development of training materials and its implementation. Responsible for the administration and selection of the Instructor & Mentor Staff. Assessment of the capabilities of FIR Members. Works with the team on development and roll out of all major projects. Reports directly to the ATM. Update Please note that I am no longer Santo Domingos ATM. These roles remain open, but are now tracked by the VATCAR management team. Last Modified: 9-16-2020
  2. Join us on April 26 for a Crossfire between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Featured airports are San Juan (TJSJ), Aguadilla (TJBQ), Punta Cana (MDPC), Santo Domingo (MDSD). The event will be held on 1800-2200Z (2PM-6PM EST). More information will be posted as we get closer to the event.
  3. The Caribbean Division is currently accepting applications for the following staff positions: Santo Domingo & Port-Au-Prince FIR Air Traffic Manager San Juan CERAP Deputy Air Traffic Manager Duties of the ATM:- Must maintain an online presence on the VATSIM network- Drafts FIR/CERAP SOPs, LOAs and other appropriate documents- Ensures FIR's SOPs, LOAs and other appropriate documents are readily available for viewing/download- Functions as VATCAR staff member and attends meetings as necessary to discuss and stay current with region and division issues, policies, and initiatives- Manages and defines the duties of FIR staff, accepts applications for new positions within the FIR.- Provides guidance and help to assigned controllers; may establish a staff of "Mentors" to assist with training- Works with or delegates a liaison to work with region/division-level Events Coordinators on events as necessary- Reports to the Caribbean Division Director *ATM may delegate certain duties to other members of the FIR/CERAP staff. Minimum Requirements:- Possess a high degree of energy and commitment appropriate to the requirements of the position- Must have at least a Controller (C1) rating- Must be an active member of the network in good standing- Must be able to work in a team environment and function as a team member- Have no significant disciplinary record, no history of unprofessional behaviorHighly Desired Skills:- Demonstrates qualities of understanding, patience, and maturity.- Understands the position requires CONSIDERABLE commitment of time- Prior FIR/CERAP/ARTCC staff experience- Prior or current Instructor or Mentor experience- Experience effectively managing others through good leadership practices- Real world management experienceOnly those candidates who understand the requirements and can make the appropriate commitment should apply. Candidates can expect an initial evaluation of their application after which they may be contacted for a comprehensive interview. All qualified candidates will be reviewed and considered. Applications should include:- Name, active email address, and CID- Resume (including any applicable real-world management experience).- Letter of Intent / Cover-letter. To Apply:Submit the required information above to [email protected] and [email protected] (If applying for San Juan DATM, send email to [email protected]). Applications will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.
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