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Found 5 results

  1. I have CSL models installed on xPilot, but the model matching seems to be very hit or miss with its accuracy. Sometimes there will be a united a320 ahead of me, something I verify through the comms on frequency, and it will display as something completely wrong, such as an Air Asia a320. Is there any fix to this? Thanks in advance !
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I managed to get our CSL livery up and running for XP11 with the Bluebell packages (only available for XSquawkBox, xPilot, swift, and X-IvAp). I would like to bring the chance to the ones using vPilot to fly with our livery and callsign on the network as well! I do not use vPilot so I'm not actually confident with what CSL package they work with. Could anyone give me some ideas on how could I get the livery (CSL) for the PMDG 737 (P3D and FSX) to shown online on vatsim via vPilot? If I can get a contact of the CSL package used by vPilot I can forward our CSL livery file to him to add it to the list! TIA, Merry Christmas!
  3. Hello, when i fly online most of the planes has the right liveries but some from the same company like lufthansa are shown as something wrong like Korean Air. I dont know why. Does someone has the same problem? Greetings Vince
  4. Hello, I am on x-plane 11.41 and i am having issues seeing the other aircraft. I can hear everyone and everything but i cannot see them. I attempted to reinstall the CSL'S but still no luck. Any help? Thanks THIAGO SOTO
  5. I have reinstalled xPilot several times. I have also installed and moved my Bluebell stuff WITH vertical offsets into my CSL folder. Even after reinstalling all my redistributables it doesn't work. The problem is that xPilot will load on its own, connect to the game, and I can hear audio. However, after consulting with the xPlane logs, it seems that the game never tries to load xPilot as a plugin (and as a result it isn't under my plugins drop down). For reference, I'm running xPlane 11.00 and xPilot (whatever version it updated to yesterday 04/14/20).
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