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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, This is a HOWTO on how to use Euroscope and AFV on Linux(UBUNTU 20.04) under wine to help Linux users avoid using a VM. What works: All expected core functionality including most plugins I use(TopSky and Ground Radar) What doesn't work: AFV Bridge, Proxy (client not fed data), Some ALERT messages from TopSky which could be related to the mentioned proxy issue. This requires wine 6, so Install wine stable from the official wine PPA as described here: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu Install and, since the repository winetricks is o
  2. Hi, I downloaded EuroScope, latest Beta version, and all the sector files. But when I open the sector file, nothing shows up. its just a black screen. can somebody help? Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone, I have installed Euroscope 3.2 with UK controler pack and also UK controler plugin and after watching a few tutorials on youtube, I cant see any aircraft on the ground after opening an airport SMR. I can see aircraft in the UK sector but not after opening gatwick SMR I have followed all the steps in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVAYN1SOvKw&t=437s I have taken the following steps and any guide is much appreciated. Install Euroscope copy UK Controler pack to Documents\EuroScope Load UK Controler plugin open Sector and select U
  4. Hi everyone, I was trying to upgrade to Euroscope Beta from Euroscope Stable, but I have been facing a few issues. Upon starting Euroscope Beta, it crashes straight to desktop. I have gotten the latest Euroscope Beta from the Euroscope Website (v3.2 Beta). I have updated the Visual C++ for x64 and x86 after seeing that as a solution, as I use Windows 10. I use a few plugins, like Holding List, vSMR and Discord Plugin, but have unloaded them multiple times before starting the beta. I am unable to find a log file. The picture below is the screen right before Euroscope crashes. I would really app
  5. Hello Everyone Since I use r25 there is the possibility to use the Start-Up flag "ST-UP" in the departure list. (Same place as "PUSH", "TAXI" and "DEPA") My problem with it is that it is sorting aircraft, receiving the Start-up flag, to a higher priority than aircraft already pushing. Is that intended or just something which has to be resolved? Because when we use it also as coordination between DEL and GND stations, it messes up the sequence in the list. E.g. if DEL cleares the aircraft he sets the clearance flag. Once the pilot then calls for push, D
  6. Hi, I was wondering if there is anyway to disable the messages sent by the pseudo pilots and controllers. I tried the .busy work around but it doesn't mute the controllers that are on. Any updates that on the forum post made a few years back? Thanks for your time, Rowan Young
  7. If told to line up, or to takeoff if not already on the runway, they disappear. If I taxi them onto the runway and then press takeoff, all works fine. Not a traffic conflict, happens even if only one aircraft is there. Anyone else experienced this or found a fix?
  8. Hello everyone, whenever I want to close the Euroscope Beta, the usual question comes up whether I want to save everything. However, Euroscope does not close after that, but crashes. If I have multiple instances of euroscope, all of them can be closed and saved normally, but never with the main connection. He never saves the changes in this instance. Additional info: It makes no difference whether I was connected to Vatsim or not. The only open instance is the one that never reacts. (Windows: program does not respond -> full crash) Thanks for an answer in advance Paul à Brassa
  9. Repost because the original post is no longer available. EuroSounds is a contemporary update package to replace the original sounds in the Euroscope ATC Client. Each of the high quality, original sounds in the package have been custom engineered in order to make Euroscope feel even more immersive and realistic than ever before. (Yes, including the start-up sound 😃) Like to learn more? View installation instructions and a demo video here.
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