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Found 11 results

  1. Have you ever considered visiting Mount Everest's home country? Well, now is the time! From 14:30z to 16:30z, Nepal vACC is hosting Kathmandu Night Ops! Fly any of your favorite routes while also supporting @Leishemba Soibam in earning his S3 ratings.
  2. India and Indonesia vACC are inviting you into our WIMM and VOMM oneway citylink crossing the Bay of Bengal on 12 June 2022 starting at 1200z until 1700z. Enjoy your Sunday by flying within 2 of the beautiful countries and we are looking forward to see you there! Event Details: Departure Airport: WIMM/KNO (Kualanamu International Airport) Arrival Airport: VOMM/MAA (Chennai International Airport) Departure Leg: 1200z-1330z Arrival Leg: 1500z-1700z Event Route PAKAM DCT ANSAX P574 GIRNA V6 AVMOR GAVID Scenery WIII: P3D&FSX Payware: https://secure.simmarket.com/binersim-soekarno-hatta-for-fsx-p3dv4.phtml X-Plane 11 Payware: https://secure.simmarket.com/binersim-soekarno-hatta-x-plane-11.phtml FSX Payware: https://secure.simmarket.com/bdoaviation-soekarno-hatta-international-airport-fsx.phtml FSX Freeware: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=221643 X-Plane 11 Freeware: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/62485-wiii-jakarta-soekarno%E2%80%93hatta-intl-w-new-runway-updated-layouts/ VOMM: X-Plane 11 Freeware: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45380-chennai-international-airport-vomm/ P3Dv5 Freeware: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=219551 FSX Freeware: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=150887 Freeware P3D/FSX - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WXWznT1kHCY00p08LvUgIbVsoKr5e2fY/view MSFS2020 - https://flightsim.to/file/10471/vomm-chennai-international-airport Charts: WIMM: https://aimindonesia.dephub.go.id/ (Sign In Required) VOMM: Refer to Jeppeson/ Navigraph Regards, Sriram Hariharan Events Director - India vACC Visit - https://indiavacc.org/
  3. India vACC invites you to our "Sunday Night Ops" event between "New Delhi" (VIDP) and "Lucknow" (VILK) on June 26, 2022. Whether IFR or VFR, cargo or passenger flight, expect full staffing and friendly ATC service for your flight. We can't wait to see you in our skies. #DiscoverIndiaDiscoverVATSIM Event Date: 26-06-2022 Event Time: 1330Z-1530Z Scenery: VIDP: P3D Freeware: Link P3D Payware: Link X-Plane Freeware: Link VILK: P3D Freeware: Link Charts: Refer Navigraph / Jeppesen Thanks, Sriram Hariharan Events Director - India vACC https://indiavacc.org
  4. India vACC invites you to our "Sunday Night Ops" event between "Mumbai" (VABB) and "Bhopal" (VABP) on June 5, 2022. Whether IFR or VFR, cargo or passenger flight, expect full staffing and friendly ATC service for your flight. We can't wait to see you in our skies. #DiscoverIndiaDiscoverVATSIM Event Date: 05-06-2022 Event Time: 1330Z-1530Z Scenery: VABB: P3D Freeware: Link P3D Payware: Link X-Plane Freeware: Link Charts: Refer Navigraph / Jeppesen Thanks, Sriram Hariharan Events Director - India vACC https://indiavacc.org
  5. PIA Virtual on the invite of Nepal Vacc request all of out pilots to fly from the mountainous city of Kathmandu and along the edge of the Himalayas to Islamabad on the 17th of December. Break your plane out of its hangar and fly it between these two capital cities and enjoy the friendly ATC along the way. Friday, December 17, 2021 - 13:00 to 17:00z
  6. Fly out of the world’s largest delta and land at the gateway to the Himalayas – all in less than two hours on a jet. On 28th August Bangladesh and Nepal vACC invites you to experience the warm hospitality and great ATC services in the skies of Bangladesh and Nepal. Route: VGHS to VNKT Suggested Route: TEGAK W3 SDP BGD G348 KIMTI Starting Date/Time: 28th August, 14:00z to 17:00z ATC Booking: https://hq.vatwa.net/event/73/atc/booking Event Details: https://hq.vatwa.net/event/73 Briefing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q_r1rw1Fgcz0SXYve2ar5PLHLY_IqOly/view
  7. Emirates vACC in collaboration with Nepal vACC invites you to join us in the next adventurous flight from Dubai to Kathmandu. On Sunday, 27th June, Depart from the ultra-modern city of Dubai (OMDB) between 0930Z - 1130Z and arrive roughly 4 hours later into the city surrounded by gorgeous Himalayan Mountains. Controllers at Kathmandu (VNKT) will be online between 1400Z - 1700Z to provide you top-down coverage with just a single runway. Enjoy the beautiful approach surrounded by some terrain and expect some possible holdings, so don't forget to take some extra fuel. Event Route: DAVMO M318 KHM M561 ASVIB G665 PG G214 RK G452 CHI V10 ALI R460 LKN G598 SMR Event Details: Click here ATC Booking : Book now!
  8. Regarding the "shutdown" of the "Upcoming Events"-page: is the new https://my.vatsim.net/events - website the final form or just a temporary thing? Unfortunately, the new site still has a few flaws and is missing essential features, in my opinion (when not logged in to my.vatsim, but then its a similar view): Website Responsiveness On my monitor (27", so nothing out of the ordinary like a crazy 100" tv or so) I only have about 1/3 occupied with the box in the middle. Why not use the space? Because... Clarity / Simplicity In many entries, you only see what it is actually about after clicking on it and opening a new page. On the old page, you could see the time, event name and even part of the description including a small picture. Like todays event: I can see "17:00 Welcome"... thats it No consistent CI The vatsim-homepage looks clearly different from this event page, and this page also looks different from the actual page on which the new event page should be located (https://my.vatsim.net/) The old page was just like: Open: see all events on one view, no need to login from time to time... great! I think the work of the vatsim team is great and I don't want to badmouth anything here, but give my constructive feedback 🙂
  9. In new year, new ambitions, new heights, please join in this upcoming opportunity to join in this event with PIA Virtual.  All Pilots are Requested to book slots for this event, You are also strictly requested to use the routing given by Emirates vACC to avoid delays and conflict.  Book Your Slots : http://icrew.piavirtual.org/index.php/events/view/15  Route: VEREN J166 NITIV G214 PG T385 TAPDO A454 VUSET N571 MENSA N317 NOLSU
  10. I flew in the VATeir 24 Hour event and I could not let it pass without a mention on this forum. This small vACC just amazes me. Their staff team are second to none and their organization of community events is superb. It was an absolute pleasure to depart out of Dublin today and such a busy event it was. The controllers produced a truly professional experience from the start to the end. Well done to all for providing a most enjoyable afternoon for me. Events like these really make it an absolute pleasure to be part of this worldwide organization. Massive pat on the back to Cathal and his team, and to top it off a good sum of donations for a very worthwhile cause.
  11. In conjunction with Malaysia Day, we will be opening up Kinabalu FIR to staff the two busiest airports in East Malaysia! So come join us and fly in to any of these 2 airports. Featured Airports: WBKK – Kota Kinabalu International Airport WBGG – Kuching International Airport Preferred Sceneries: WBKK [FSX/P3Dv4 Freeware] Click it Here [P3DV4/FSX/FS9 Payware] MFSG WBKK [XP11 Freeware] X-Plane Forum WBGG [FS9/FSX Payware] MFSG WBGG [P3D Payware] MFSG WBGG [FSX/P3D Freeware] MFSG WBGG [XP11 Freeware] X-Plane Forum Aeronautical Charts: WBKK WBGG Remarks: 1. All flights and ATC services in Malaysian FIRs will be conducted under the VATSIM & MYvACC regulations. Conflicts will be handled as per published on the VATSIM CoC. 2. Non-event traffics will be granted lower priority. 3. Plan your fuel management wisely.
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