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Found 17 results

  1. just need some pointers of how to start in the simulator. first question is how to use the vPilot. and where is my airport to start. and call sign?? ok i have a lot of questions but i think this is normal 😁
  2. Hi, I am having a problem with the VatSpy application, after downloading VatSpy via the setup file, it launches perfectly, but if I close it and try to re-open it via the shortcuts literally nothing happens, but if I go to the folder where it is downloaded, and open the application it shows an error message stating: "The VAT-Spy application data folder does not exist! Please reinstall VAT-Spy", I have several times tried to re-install vat-spy but without luck. Thanks in advance.
  3. It worked perfectly two days ago but i had to install a razor update for my headset even though Vpilot can find my microphone and headset I only hear the clicks when ATC is typing too me or other pilots are typing I've tried everything at this point the microphone works for everything else i've checked my firewall etc nothing is working
  4. I am learning myself but being the tech that I am have some neat tools for using stock fsx planes and pmdg 777 that automate certain functions while taking off flying and landing so I can concentrate on interacting with ATC either via text or voice. I use EGPH to EGPA as an ATC Training run I have pre-texted ATC files that can be referenced with most of the parameters pre-filled as they are known ahead of time Also have used quicktextpaste to bring up menu I can slect from while on VPILOT and it will fill the text line with the selected text for ATC text communications If anyone interested in my assistance, CONTACT ME (It's FREE) Robert W. Higgins Sr.
  5. When I receive clearance in the UK, they just give me a SID, a squawk and sometimes the active runway, but when flying in the U.S I receive a transition level and a departure frequency. I understand the frequency and the rest of the clearance, just a bit unsure on what is meant by "[] transition." Would really appreaciate some help on this as the U.S seems like it's so fun to fly in! It always seems so busy and most airports have at least 1 Controller active which means there will never be a 'quiet' section of my flight.
  6. Im getting closer to EGCC (Manchester) which is my arrival airport, there are no centers active to provide me with a STAR, do I get my STAR off of Manchester's Approach frequency, or do I just self-assign mysekf one and announce it on Unicom? I'm relatively new and have been wanting to know an answer to this for quite a while now.
  7. Hi, I downloaded EuroScope, latest Beta version, and all the sector files. But when I open the sector file, nothing shows up. its just a black screen. can somebody help? Thanks!
  8. Hi Today I had to reset my pc due to tech issues and it was the first time in my life to do that after i installed msfs2020 and reinstalled Vpilot Logged in with my id password all was done i try to connect and then it tells me Unhandled exception has occurred in your application and I cant connect to if there is anyone who has the solution for this please help me Picture is down below
  9. Hi there, I have been trying to find out all day as to why my VATSIM account was suspended. Yesterday, due to some personal thinks happening at home I had to disconnect from Vatsim just after my landing at EDMM, If this could be the reason I would like to hear but I have no way of finding out Since I can't log into my account nor have I gotten an E-Mail explaining why I got banned. My id is :1540054 and if anyone could help me I would really appreciate that. Thanks!
  10. So i wanted to join the VATSIM Discord Server and sadly didnt really check my discord settings and picked an account with the same discord username, that is not mine. the wrong Account is "Jack LP#3056". Is there any way to kick him? I tried to get in contact with him but he would have to add me as a friend first. Thanks if you can help me.
  11. So I just did my first flight (LEMD - EGLL) and found out my profile still shows 0 hours as pilot. Is that ok? I also saw during flight the live map showed me as Unknown pilot. I don't know if I missed something. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello. I‘m pretty new to vatsim, and have a question. Max favourite Airport is Weeze Niederrhein, ICAO Is EDLV. For sadness, there Is no atc for this Airport, probably cause it’s really small. What should i do When i‘m flying with IFR? Are there and frequencies i can contact? THX in advance.
  13. I'm flying the Miami Vice event tomorrow, I need this working. Today, I rolled back to an earlier version of xPilot (1.1.15 or something) because apparently it doesn't disconnect you when FPS gets bad. Doesn't matter why, but I did. It's no longer working. I updated to the new version, same results. I can hear and talk to ATC. I can see labels of other aircraft. I can NOT see other aircraft. I can NOT tick the box on the xplane built in map that says 'xpilot', the box isn't there. Yes, I have CSL. Yes, it's loaded. Please, help, quickly.
  14. Okay so I am a staff at VATSIM Saudi Arabia, or vACCSA in the Middle East and Africa region. I have been noticing lately as the number of members increase with an increase in ATC training request and Pilot activity in our vACC, that most of these individuals come from a VA (Virtual Airlines), a local one. The problem is, they join the VA and the vACC knowing that all these services such as Pilot and ATC training, member support, and events hosted by the vACC all to be a part of this VA in subject and not the vACC. Basically they have no idea what vACC is or what vACCSA is. So, I want to change that, I want to invite the whole VA for a discord meeting and would like to explain the difference between VA and vACC. But I just cant figure out how to start it off, the correct way to differentiate between them. This might be very silly, but a few point would help a lot. Thanks .
  15. Hello all, I am new to VATSIM and have downloaded vPILOT for FSX Steam Edition, i am able to connect to the network and connect to the ATC and hear the ATC correspondence, however I am not able to see other online traffic, they all appear as default A321s in blank livery. I am also seeing the default FSX aircraft in the default liveries (Orbit, pacifica etc). Is there a way that i can disable this so i can see the other VATSIM users correctly? Thank you
  16. Hi Guys, I am getting an issue with swift, it says, "Heartbeat failed 2 time, retrying in 30 seconds" , it is usually when I use Swift in conjunction with Audio for VATSIM, I am on, everything is up to date. Any Ideas?
  17. Hi, after the recent xPilot update, it now doesn't launch and comes up with the error on the screenshot below. Have tried to reinstall however, same thing still occurs. Please help. Thanks in advance. Many Thanks, Shayaan Ahmed
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