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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, are there plans to adapt XPilot in order to scope with the new ICAO type flight plan format which recently has been released on VATSIM? 🙂
  2. I would like to talk about a thing, that may seem non-existent to many, but it's growing within community, that is truly taking old-but-gold motto "As real as it gets" still seriously. With enhancing the quality of the service, adding support to many mods & changes, and trying to adjust to changing real-world aviation, I'd like to talk about switching from old FAA Flight Plans to ICAO Flight Plan Form. Why is it even a concern in our virtual aviation world? Let me point out just a few advantages and disadvantages of the change: FAA form is valid form only in US, and also under several circumstances. (look at the Mats Edvin Aaro post below) In the rest of the world it's the ICAO Flight Plan in use. Even in FAA-land, international border crossing flight plans have to be filled out with ICAO format, Increasing amount of A/C equipped with S-mode transponders, even though not officially supported by VATSIM (which is also an old remain from 90's), is being introduced and simulated by several divisions based on Equipment code in FPL form. FAA Form does not provide info about Type of transponder included on board of ACFT, Introduction of RNAV/RNP and entire PBN idea solutions are being more and more simulated by pilots - you can spot acfts with "Basic RNAV", or "NON-RNAV" RMK inside of FPLs, or those generated/filled by real enthusiasts including "PBN/". Thus should be simulated via proper Flight Plan Item, not a RMK, FAA Form includes not-so-clearly understood "EDT" as "Estimated Departure Time", while ICAO Flight Plan Form clearly states it should be "EOBT" (Estimated Off-Block Time). This is crucial during events, high workload and running and designing slot/CTOT plugins. These solutions are not yet very popular, but you can find out that people are asking for such solutions, and me - personally, as an amateur developer, I find it confusing on how to interpret the timing included in current FPL, because people understand it differently. With proper form, we can give a clear advice on what timing should be filled out there. ICAO FPL included in VATSIM wouldn't need to be fully ICAO Form - therefore we do not need the info about Dinghies or Emergency/Survival equipment supplements. I understand, that change would involve in changing multiple software developments, beginning with VATSIM servers, then VATSIM-prefile page, Connection clients (both Pilots and Controller software), 3rd party users etc, and might be overwhelming to VATSIM human resources, thus I would really put this onto discussion board. With Over-the-air updates, and notification possibilities to be sent, connection with the community by Social Media, it shouldn't be an user-side (pilot/ATC) issue. If we could do such a major change as AFV. Proper implementation of mode A/C/S would be another benefit, but I get that VATGOV / ADM might find it too complicated for beginners. I think VATSIM shouldn't stop on one huge change in a decade - and I am fully aware of the words I am saying, as I am part of the community since 2009, I grew up here, it gave me a lot, and VATSIM was an originator of my professional career later on.
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