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Found 7 results

  1. I used to do a lot of IFR airline flights on VATSIM so I do have experience on the network. These days I don't have much free time so have been touring various regions of the world in smaller aircraft typically flying a PC-Porter, BN2 Islander or the SR 22. I fly through everything from international airports to remote dirt strips, with leg distances being anything from 10 miles to 200. I'd like to do these flights on VATSIM. Would I be better off or indeed able to stick to IFR rules which I understand well, or would VFR fit better, bearing in mind I only have Navigraph and littlenavmap and not any specific VFR charts, or any VFR ATC interaction experience (although I have been reading up on it)?
  2. Hey folks, I’ve mostly done vfr flights on vatsim with the exception of one ifr, but I have a few questions, well two really. The first is even when using offline atc programs I’m always confused in when to descend. Is atc supposed to tell you when and clear you to an altitude? Or do you start your descent at the appropriate point based on aircraft performance? Im assuming it’s the former as ifr is all very calculated to get everyone in safely. Second question is, sometimes when I load procedures in the fmc, it looks like a mess around the airport itself. What I mean is, some arrivals to approaches look like you fly directly over the airport to make a hairpin turn to join the ils, ect. For instance the SARGO3 in to kcvg. To do the ils rwy 9 it basically has me arrive from the south west, cross over the aiport to the north and loop back around. Is this realistic? I attached the procedure from foreflight for reference. I have the basic idea and concept of ifr but want to have as much of an understanding as I can so I don’t get overwhelmed live on the network. Thanks! -Chris
  3. A timely VATCAN tradition is back. It's the one and only Winnipeg Wednesday! Come fly the friendly prairie skies from 2100z-0000z on September 23rd as we staff up the Winnipeg FIR - specifically, Winnipeg International (CYWG). Looking for places to fly? We recommend discovering some of our more major airports - Thunder Bay (CYQT), Saskatoon (CYXE) and Regina (CYQR) - as we'll have them all covered. You could also fly from one of our fields to Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) as they have an exam starting at 2330z. See you Wednesday!
  4. Come fly in and out of a fully staffed Roma! Welcome to the all new Roma nights! This wednesday we will provide full ATC services and do our best for Fiumicino (LIRF) and Ciampino (LIRA) airports. Why not pair with our neighbours VACC-Austria or do a longer hop to EGKK with our friends at VATUK? Your choice! Wednesday 16-09-2020 19.00-21.00z (21.00-23.00lcl) ** LIRF Pilot briefing ** Sceneries and charts
  5. Welcome to NorCal Tuesday VI its time to expose some more of our student controllers to traffic of all kinds, this time with some airspace that should prove to have some interesting times.So if your planning to fly during the week, jump on and fly around ZOA for an evening. We welcome all skills and levels, if you are a bit unsure on what to do we will be posting up a pilot brief later on which should help getting your foot in the door.FieldsKRNO - Reno Tahoe Int.KTRK - Truckee Tahoe.TimeFrom 1800 PDT till around 2100 PDT ( 0100z - 0400z )
  6. Come fly in and out of a fully staffed Milano! Welcome to the all new Milano nights! Wednesday 23th semptember we will provide full ATC services and do our best for Malpensa (LIMC), Linate(LIML) and Orio al Serio(LIME) airports! Why not pair with our neighbours VACC-Austria or do a longer hop to EGKK with our friends at VATUK? Your choice! Wednesday 23-09-2020 19.00-21.00z (21.00-23.00lcl) **NEW!** LIMC pilot briefing Charts, Vatsim login required Sceneries
  7. Inspired by the beautiful prairies, welcome to Winnipeg's first Saskatoon-themed event! We're inviting all pilots - GA, Jets, Helicopters, whatever you've got - to come visit CYXE on the 15th for a day of flying! Take a short hop to Regina (CYQR), cross the border to Winnipeg (CYWG) or just go for a short flight to see the sights - this event has something for everyone! The party all starts at 2100z, and we'll have the FIR staffed until 0000z. We can't wait to see you there!
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