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  1. Saturday, July 25, 2020 - 0000z to 1600z This intercontinental groupflight event brings you up close to 2 poles of the earth - the High Arctic, and the “Third Pole” Tibetan Plateau; all the way from New York to Bangkok. With ATC coverage at orig/dest airports and enroute (partial. Although more are on the way!). Are you in for something truly special? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and into the vast unknown? If you do, tune in to our newest groupflight event – Revival of ULR. Time: Saturday July 25 00z onwards (Flexible, sign up for all options) Route: GREKI JUDDS CAM TOXAL Q850 YRI J563 YBC J561 YWK LAKES PEPKI EMBOK 6500N/05600W 6900N/05000W 7400N/04000W 7830N/02000W 8000N/00000E PIREL N611 DOSON R705 BRT M132 BD A935 LETBI B480 MORIT B330 JTG G212 XFA A581 SAGAG B218 LPB B346 NOBER View The Route Here / Charts for KJFK / Charts for VTBS If there is any further update, it will be posted in discord. Sign up for the event here: https://forms.gle/c8fyBLTPmPqPiurG7 (This will close at 16Z TODAY. For further assistance you can come to our discord). Important to-knows before you fly: To avoid delays and arrive on time for the destination ATC, please make sure you are fully ready by 2330z, and aim for a takeoff at or before 0000z. Please also make sure you can plan .84 or higher cruising speed during the entire flight. Expect heavy traffic departing JFK from concurrent events. Do not delay your flight beyond 0000z. Adhere to the planned departure gate in event route above. If you have any problems, please advise us as soon as possible. SE Asia-NA used to be one of the major scenes for "ultra long-haul" flights. Both Thai airways and Singapore airlines used their A340s for flights to America, but these flights did not last long. However, in recent years, we are seeing a revival of ULH. With the EWR-SIN route resumed, and Qantas’ Project Sunrise, more non-stop flights are becoming reality as new aircraft with longer range are introduced. Ultra Long-haul is truly the culmination of commercial aviation technologies, and a testament to the human might of bringing our world closer together. With event ATC coverage on both ends, why not step up and join this trend today on VATSIM? Don't have time for the full flight, but still want to join the party? No worries! We have options to help you get underway at (unique and unfrequented) intermediate airports at the time of your choice. Just click here to find the right one for you! Our route offers multiple unique highlights off the beaten path – Canadian High Arctic, Fjords of Greenland, Arctic Archipelagos, Tibetan Plateau - and much more. There are ATCs to keep you busy as well – with ZNY’s event covering North America, VATPRC’s event in northwestern China, and multiple divisions lighting up the skies of southeast Asia – and we are working to get even more onboard. Your mic will surely be busy, while you will be enjoying a visual feast. What’s even better? We have done all the planning beforehand, so you can simply paste the route and call it a day! Hesitate no more, bring your favorite widebody, and join our weekend adventure! All pilots are welcomed to join. To get the flight plan, route, charts and to sign up for newest flight information, weather updates & more: Sign-up form This post will be updated as planning progresses. By signing up you will receive all the updates. We are also offering these updates and flight planning help through our new discord server. We would like to also thank ZNY and VATSEA for organizing the respective events and providing ATC at both ends. Link to events
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