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  1. Hello! We take immense pleasure in introducing to you the Moroccan Virtual Air Association, a non-profit organization founded with the mission of providing a supportive platform for Moroccan aviation enthusiasts and flight simmers. Identifying the lacks within this community was key to create a platform intending to tackle those deficiencies and make the Moroccan flight simulation community more united and accessible. We have crafted a strict code of conduct aimed to create a safe and accepting environment for everybody with an interest in aviation. Our initiative has been developing on different projects, which we are eager to share with you and the rest of this community. Please find below some of the main projects we have been working on: Creation of an Open Source Aviation Knowledge for MVAA members As you may know, even with the Internet, aviation knowledge can be difficult to access. We are aiming to create an Open Source space with aviation literature, video graphic material and more covering aviation topics, with the goal of achieving the equivalent of a PPL ground school course made accessible to all MVAA members. This Open Source space will be maintained by MVAA staff and will accept contributions from anybody willing to share knowledge with the community. We currently have material shared by aviation professionals such as airliners manuals, SOPs and ATC material. Creation of a multi-airline Virtual airline Months of surveying within the community concluded in the creation of vaMAROC, a multi-airline VA that includes current, historical and not launched Moroccan airlines and operators. vaMAROC provides over 1000 realistic routes, over 20 different aircraft types, aircraft liveries and configuration (for limited addons only) based on the vAMSYS interface. vaMAROC is not intending to compete with existing Moroccan Virtual Airlines and MVAA membership is open to all individuals, no matter which Virtual Airline they decide to be part of. We will never enforce vaMAROC membership to MVAA members. We worked hard to include relevant airlines, with accurate current & historical schedules and aircraft types. We are also creating a team to create liveries for these airlines (WIP). vaMAROC offers the following airlines: Groupe Royal Air Maroc Royal Air Maroc (current & 1981 schedule) Royal Air Maroc Express (current schedule) Royal Air Maroc Cargo (current schedule) Air Arabia Maroc (current schedule) Atlas Blue (Winter 2008 schedule) Jet4you (Winter 2011 schedule) Regional Air Lines (2005-2008 schedule) Royal Air Inter (1972-1974 schedule) Ocean Air Maroc (On-going schedule) Tingair (Proposed schedule during failed launch in 2009) More airlines are planned to be included depending on demand. Educating members about the aviation industry The Moroccan Virtual Air Association is structured to act as leverage for any person interested in an aviation career. The Board of Directors and other volunteers have shared extensive experience in real-life aviation, and we are eager to share our inputs to counsel the next generation of the Moroccan aviation workforce. Within our plans is to provide free of cost consultations for select individuals with an evident interest in working towards an aviation career, provide insight into career opportunities in Morocco and abroad. Cross sharing Moroccan Addons The Moroccan Virtual Air Association will provide a platform for hardworking Moroccan creators of addons products for flight simulation. Creators will be able to connect with other creators, promote their work and receive feedback or requests from MVAA members. ATC Training and GMMM FIR Knowledge database MVAA is supporting the establishment of proficient virtual ATC for the GMMM FIR on the VATSIM & IVAO network. Knowledge database about operating on the Moroccan airspace will be shared with all MVAA members. These are just some of the ideas we have cooking at the MVAA. We fervently hope that through this letter you and your team will have a clearer insight into our movement. Please note that MVAA is an ongoing endeavour and that is still adapting to feedback and suggestions from fellow community members. Please do not hesitate to pop up by our Discord server. We will be pleased to meet you and get your insights. Also, don't forget to visit vamaroc.com for more information about our organization. Feel free to share this letter with your staff or members. Regards, The MVAA Team
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