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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone, Along with ZLC and ZDV from VATUSA, we’ve made a vatsim event targeting new simmers so they can kickstart their journey on the vatsim network! Cptcanada will also be flying along with many other streamers as experienced simmers. Newbies can receive help as they fly! BOOK YOUR SLOT AND CHECK IT OUT: https://booking.captainab.com/ EVENT: VATSIM Newbie Event - Denver to Salt Lake City TIME: 2200z to 0300z beginning Saturday, 6 November 2021 WHERE: KDEN to KSLC SLOTS: Recommended but not required
  2. I am learning myself but being the tech that I am have some neat tools for using stock fsx planes and pmdg 777 that automate certain functions while taking off flying and landing so I can concentrate on interacting with ATC either via text or voice. I use EGPH to EGPA as an ATC Training run I have pre-texted ATC files that can be referenced with most of the parameters pre-filled as they are known ahead of time Also have used quicktextpaste to bring up menu I can slect from while on VPILOT and it will fill the text line with the selected text for ATC text communications If anyone interested in my assistance, CONTACT ME (It's FREE) Robert W. Higgins Sr.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have installed Euroscope 3.2 with UK controler pack and also UK controler plugin and after watching a few tutorials on youtube, I cant see any aircraft on the ground after opening an airport SMR. I can see aircraft in the UK sector but not after opening gatwick SMR I have followed all the steps in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVAYN1SOvKw&t=437s I have taken the following steps and any guide is much appreciated. Install Euroscope copy UK Controler pack to Documents\EuroScope Load UK Controler plugin open Sector and select UK_2020_13 from Documents\EuroScope\UK\Data\Sector open Gatwick SMR.asr from Documents\EuroScope\Data\ASR\Gatwick Connect to Vatsim select airport from runway icon and to show all active flight type .vis EGKK Set the filter to also show standby aircraft I can see aircraft in departuer but not aircraft on the ground. Many Thanks Mo
  4. I'm new to VATSIM. I have a question regarding ATCs. If there's a center online, will it control approach and ground for each airports in that area. For example, if Washington center is online, will it control ground, tower, approach for let's say KIAD or KDCA? Thanks,
  5. Hello, I am completely new to VATSIM and would like to learn how it works. The problem is that reading a bunch of guides which contain millions of walls of text isn't really helpful for me. The best way of learning for me personally is someone who is patient and kind enough to teach me and explain to me, both in theoretical and practical terms, in detail how stuff works here. I know some basic stuff about flying. I played FSX a lot before buying FS2020 and continuing playing that until I fall asleep in front of my monitor (well, not really). I would still call myself a newbie, however, because of my deficit of knowledge about f.e. the FMS, patterns and go-arounds and stuff like that. In terms of language barrier and stuff like that: You should be capable of explaining everything in English, maybe German would be even better. But English would also do just fine. It is really important that you're patient. Really patient! I tend to take a long time for learning new stuff and to really get into the matter. If someone would be so friendly and has some free time for this, I would really appreciate it a lot!
  6. Greetings, So I finally got vPilot working 100%. Tonight I will be doing my first flight on VATSIM. I've read through almost all of the PRC information (it's a lot to go through). I do understand the concept of the ATC flow of 1.DEL (clearance delivery), 2. Ground, 3. Tower, 4. Approach, and 5. Center, but I could use some help with the following. A: Upon connecting to vPilot, what's next after I obtain the current ATIS information? vPilot shows COM: 128.300 and COM2: 127.800 in the upper corner. Do I enter those frequencies in my airplane's COM Radio's first? Or, do I enter the Clearance Delivery freq? Also, I've setup a Push to Talk button, do I just tune the Radio in my airplane and then talk (when no one else is talking)? B. What about weather? Do I have to manually configure the weather in the P3D v5? C. What are the Tabs for "Mode C" and "Ident" use for? D. Is it best to file my flightplan before connecting to vPilot? E. Lastly, I did a successful test connection earlier today. On the VATSIM Flight Track Map I could see several other aircraft on the ground at the same airport as me. However, I could only see one in the sim. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help. Regards, Jaime
  7. Hello, I was finally able to successfully connect to VATSIM today (via vPilot). The Vatsim Flight Tracker map showed my aircraft, and several others on the ground and in the air near me. However I could not see any of them in sim. I am I missing? Is there like an IP address I'm supposed to connect to (like in Multiplayer)? How do I see other aircraft? Do I have to join a Virtual Airliner? Regards, Jaime
  8. Hello everyone. I have just signed up and signed into the Vatsim network. I'm trying to prepare myself ahead of time as my first dive into the flight Sim world will be when MFS2020 drops. I plan on doing all the training programs both on and off the simulator and on this network before jumping into a flight. I'll definitely start with GA aircraft and work my way up slowly. I do have a question regarding the programs, apps, and plugins I will need to get things working. I noticed on the required downloads page that all of the programs only refer to either Xplane or FSX but nothing about the upcoming sim. This is understandable of course but do we expect that the ones that work with FSX will be compatible with 2020? Or do I just need to wait it out? I can't wait to get into this hobby more and look forward to what Vatsim and all of you has to offer.
  9. Hi Vatsim Community! I have very recently decided to up my Flight Sim Experience through VATSIM. Watched every tutorial video, read reddit threads here, downloaded VATSIM and all required resources Vpilot, Vspy etc. All my excitement goes to drain because of this error from VPilot. I am scratching my head hard because I know it might be a very easy solution but somehow I dont seem to understand it. Attached is the error image and evidence that FSX Se is open. Please do help me.
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