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Found 3 results

  1. About a third of the time, I get the above message when attempting to connect. I can find no documentation or information about the error or the possible cause. My ID and password are the same as I have had for many years and are correctly entered into the host and client. Jeff Callender
  2. Hi, My setup: P3D 5.3 latest HF on WIN10, a lot of addon scenery, some addon aircrafts, ASP3D for weather, AIG AI planes and vPilot (currently 3.4.6 in host mode) for the VATSIM connection. I am flying with that setup very long time without any problems. I use my PC only for flightsim - so no other software is used there. After three weeks of holidays I wanted to fly again on VATSIM. But suddenly when I connect to VATSIM the absolute stable 30 frames (I have locked them to 30 in the sim) immediately drop down to 3-5 fps, as soon as some other aircraft is in the vincinity. With that frame rate flying is of course impossible. I have absolutely nothing changed, I use the same AIG models as before, everything is unchanged. Only some Microsoft updates for WIN10 were applied after my three weeks vacancy. I tried it with different planes, on different airports, deactivated all the AI models so that only the default plane is selected, I checked the .NET installation, I reinstalled vPilot, the debug window shows no error, I really tried everything to isolate the root cause. And it's definitely as soon as I connect via vPilot to VATSIM and there is one other aircraft within the distance defined in the performance section, the frames go down. At the moment I have no clue, what I should change. As I have not found similar reports on the web, I assume, it must be a local problem. But what should I change? Any idea is appreciated. Best regards Reinhard
  3. I have both MSFS and P3D v5 and fly on both. I generally do not have any issues with vPilot, maybe twice and it was random issues that never reproduced. However, the past 2 flights in P3d, on approach to DFW and on approach to Gatwick, vPilot will freeze and no transmissions are able to go out but I do hear others and I see others; I can’t click anything in the client window or move it, it completely locks up and and then crashes completely. There was 1 that I had a flight or 2 before those and I had to close it via task manager. Ryzen 7 5800x 3070ti 32gb RAM NVME
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