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Found 8 results

  1. I have noticed that my pilot hours are locked at 12.11. But i have 20:30 in stats.vatsim.net. What is the reason and how can i fix this problem? Thank you so much
  2. Are you new or afraid of flying on the VATSIM network? Well, we're here to help you kickstart your VATSIM journey! Along with a team of 50 volunteers, we have formed a community where experienced simmers teach VATSIM newbies. We host regular VATSIM newbie events to help you get experienced on the network. We have teamed up with VATUSA and we will be hosting a major VATSIM newbie event on 22 January 2022. Beyond that, we have even more events planned to help you! Sound like something you're interested in? Benefit from this initiaitve by joining us! 1. Watch the program introduction video made by myself (the director of the program): https://youtu.be/0T4gT4yo68Q 2. Join the community training server so you can get help and stay up to date: https://discord.gg/AwRpSJnX84 3. Why not check out our next huge newbie event? If you're a fan, book a slot! https://booking.captainab.com We have a team of friendly controllers and experienced vatsim users who are ready to help you become a pro on vatsim and we have exciting flights planned so you can learn. Join us today and benefit from this program!
  3. When I receive clearance in the UK, they just give me a SID, a squawk and sometimes the active runway, but when flying in the U.S I receive a transition level and a departure frequency. I understand the frequency and the rest of the clearance, just a bit unsure on what is meant by "[] transition." Would really appreaciate some help on this as the U.S seems like it's so fun to fly in! It always seems so busy and most airports have at least 1 Controller active which means there will never be a 'quiet' section of my flight.
  4. I’m considering doing my pilot ratings past the new member orientation. My issue is that I just fly msfs and don’t have the money to invest in a new sim. Anyone know if the planes are good enough to do pilot ratings
  5. Hi everyone, I am just wanting to know what the rules are on vatsim about submitting flight plans. If you are flying VFR in the UK and just want to fly without having a set destination or route, do you need to file a flight plan? without a flight plan can you land at a controlled airport if they are not expecting you? if you are doing this without a flight plan, when requesting clearance can you just request clearance " to leave the zone to the east" for example? or do you just request taxi and squak 7000 etc? Im at the very early stages of a PPL (around first solo time) and i normally fly out of an uncontrolled airfield so i am just getting used to attually talking to a controller lol.
  6. Salutations, We at Diamond Wings plan to attain the status of Authorized Training Organization in the short future, but this is unfortunately not possible for us without a well qualified Chief Flight Instructor. For this we require your help to volunteer as a CFI and kindly ask you to consider applying if you meet the following requirements, Hold at least a IR or P2. A CFI or Chief Flight Instructor is expected to complete the following duties on a regular basis. Create and Draft Training Material. Review and update Training Material Manage a small but growing team of Pilot Mentors and Instructors. Review the skills of mentors and instructors on a regular basis. Why should you apply? We are not just a future ATO, we are an enthusiastic group of people who love VATSIM and plan to do several events on that VATSIM network. We love engagement and try our hardest to make everyone's experience the best. How do I apply? Assuming you meet all requirements send us your resume via mail at [email protected] Join our discord server to stay up to date. (If your application is accept it is required that you join the discord server.) https://discord.gg/CuCzkcqWpM Board of Directors,
  7. >>>>Recruitment video<<<< VATSIM Saudi Arabia is recruiting voluntary staff for the following positions:- Department of Human Resources : Director Deputy Director Department of Pilot Training : Director Deputy Director Department of Air Traffic Services : Deputy Director Department of Events and Marketing : Deputy Director Interested applicants are requested to e-mail us at [email protected] for further details. Basic requirements for all positions: S3 ATC rating. Good English skills in speaking and writing. Has good knowledge in the field the individual is applying for. Able to present to the vACC and staff team with a professional manner. Notes: All positions are voluntary and applicants will not be paid, now or in the future.
  8. Hello all, I am new to VATSIM and have downloaded vPILOT for FSX Steam Edition, i am able to connect to the network and connect to the ATC and hear the ATC correspondence, however I am not able to see other online traffic, they all appear as default A321s in blank livery. I am also seeing the default FSX aircraft in the default liveries (Orbit, pacifica etc). Is there a way that i can disable this so i can see the other VATSIM users correctly? Thank you
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